Divergent Star Ansel Elgort Enjoys Steamed Clams for Dinner

Photo Credit: Photo Image Press / Splash New
Ansel Elgort

Photo Credit: Photo Image Press / Splash New

Ansel Elgort is the actor known for his noteworthy performances in the Divergent series and The Fault in Our Stars—but did you know that he apparently loves clams? Yes, clams!  The 22-year-old actor recently shared a photo of himself with his fans on Instagram, by the water, smooching to the camera while holding a handful of clams.

In his post, Elgort claims he steams and eats clams for dinner. So, what is it exactly about clams—and why are they good for you?

Health Benefits of Claims

For one, there are over 150 edible species of clams in the world. The scientific name for all clams is “bivalve (two shell) mollusks”. Clams are low-in-fat and high-in-protein and contain a tremendous amount of minerals that contribute to good health.

Some important minerals found in clams include: selenium, zinc, iron, magnesium and B vitamins, like niacin. Also noteworthy, it is one of the most sustainable seafood resources in the U.S.

Ansel Elgort on Eating Healthy and Working Out

It’s not just about clams for Elgort—the Divergent star takes his workouts very seriously. In an article posted online on Men’s Fitness, Elgort shares some good advice:

“If you work your legs and don’t foam roll or stretch, you’re screwed.”

The actor enjoys boxing, plyo work, leg workouts and rock climbing—something he says he does daily. He reminds us all to stretch before an intense workout, demonstrating that he knows more than we’d expect about fitness. He also shared an Instagram video with fans while at the gym, taking a short break to show off his sillier side—but hey, even Elgort knows how important it is to maintain a work-play balance.

The next time you’re unsure about what to make for dinner; do what Ansel Elgort does and prepare some delicious, steamed clams. And to contribute to an even healthier lifestyle, remember to stretch before taking on any physical activity.

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