Don’t Be Tardy Star Kim Zolciak, Daughter Brielle Biermann and Husband Kroy Biermann Focus on Healthy Living

Don't Be Tardy Kim Zolciak
Photo credit: Joe Corrigan / Stringer/Getty

Don’t Be Tardy star Kim Zolciak, her daughter Brielle Biermann, and husband Kroy Biermann all focus on healthy living. Last year Zolciak uploaded a bikini pic on Instagram, showcasing her toned abs.

She shared her love of food, especially desserts, in the photo’s caption. Brielle recently shared a healthy recipe for her favorite spicy steak sandwich. And NFL free agent Kroy Biermann is committed to his defensive end fitness routine.

Kim Zolciak’s Diet and Workout

Kim regularly shares her fitness secrets, which are not limited to genetics alone. She says she sips nutrition shakes every morning; and to prove her healthy habits, she also shared a pic with a nutrition shake. It keeps her metabolism great, she says.

Avoiding pork and red meat is another fitness secret, even though she was seen eating pepperoni pizza many times. She indulges in lots of sweets but mentions she consumes food in moderation and this helps her not put on weight. She claims to have the same bikini body since she was 18 and being a mother of six did not alter it.

Zolciak revealed on Instagram she would be doing a cleanse and that her chef, Tracey Bloom, will help her with it. She does the cleanse every 3 months.

She drinks the diet formula as soon as she is out of bed and also when she is about to go to sleep. It manages her sweet tooth and helps her keep in shape.

Zolciak suffered a mini-stroke when she was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars last October and is taking immense measures to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The mom of six is showcasing her weight loss and sharing her weight loss tips for her fans. She has also flooded her Instagram account with a number of videos and photos to reveal her weight loss. She says that she doesn’t Photoshop her pics but has a naturally slim and lean figure.

“I’ve been working out with my husband, he kicks my butt,” Zolciak told ABC News. “The mind of an athlete is like no other. This man is incredible. We have everything you could dream of to work out, he pushes me and when it starts to burn, I won’t quit and he won’t let me.”

Brielle Biermann’s Favorite

Brielle Biermann, Kim Zolciak’s daughter, recently shared an easy and delicious recipe from Chef Tracey Bloom. Although this spicy Sriracha steak sandwich is not a Chik-fil-A item, it is still one of Biermann’s favs.

If you like things spicy and are looking for an easy recipe to enjoy, read on to find out how to make the Sriracha steak sandwich.

What you’ll need for the spicy sandwich is fresh bread or baguette, one eight-ounce beef tenderloin thinly sliced, five tablespoons of Sriracha, one tablespoon of oil, four slices of your favorite cheese – Biermann uses white American – and salt and pepper to taste.

Heat up a pan and add the oil, beef, and Sriracha and cook the beef to your preference. Once it reaches your desired cooking, shut off the heat and add the cheese on top. Put your new creation on your fresh bread and voila! To make your sandwich closer to Biermann’s, add a spicy mayo by simply mixing some mayonnaise with more Sriracha.

Kroy Biermann’s Intense Workout

Biermann is back in the gym to prepare for when another team comes calling. Check out Kim’s Instagram post from a couple of weeks ago of Kroy Biermann’s intense barbell lifting:

Kroy Biermann spends hours and hours training and got back to his workout routine just days after he was released from the Buffalo Bills. Biermann’s commitment to his workout shows he is ready for whatever team decides to sign him.
After the birth of their children, Kroy apparently exercised with Kim Zolciak-Biermann by walking three miles every night.