3-Day Anti-Aging Diet: Day Three

The foods you eat can help you look younger than ever. Check out our best anti-aging food tips in this three-part series–personal tips on the top anti-aging foods to eat to help you look younger and feel better than ever.


Day Three


• I enjoy eating the same breakfast every day as part of my anti-aging diet, so check out my breakfast on days one and two.


• 1/2–2 medium spicy turkey sausages (barbecued)

• 1/4 sautéed sweet onion (barbecued)

• 1/23/4 cup of spiced brown rice and peas

• 1 bottle of spring water

• 1 banana


• See days one and two.


• 56 ounces of rib eye steak (barbecued)

• 12 cups of grilled vegetables

• 12 glasses of red wine

• 1 banana


• 45-ounce turkey patty

• 1 medium sweet potato

• 12 cups of raw mixed vegetables

• 1 bottle of sparkling water.

This three-day meal plan represents my usual pattern of eating. Although my anti-aging food plan looks somewhat repetitive, there can be a considerable degree of variation in it. However, the meal plan I have provided for you is the actual diet I consume on a regular basis—and it works for me!