DWTS Emma Slater, Sasha Farber’s Fiancée, Follows Yoga, Balanced Diet for Perfect Body Shape

Emma Slater
Photo credit: Brian Lawdermilk / Stringer/Getty

Now I don’t know it for sure, but when Dancing with the Stars (DWTS) couple Sasha Farber and Emma Slater agreed to be fiancé’s, it might have had something to do with their balanced diets.

What’s the saying again, birds of a feather flock together? But even if their food choices had nothing to do with their engagement, it’s possible that Emma Slater’s love for yoga led to them meeting in the first place.

Emma Slater Attributes Mental and Physical Strength to Yoga

There’s no doubt that dancing every day is a tough workout; and when you’re doing it for a living, it requires even more demand on your body. At the end of the day, you have to have a world-class fitness level to be a professional dancer.

Dancers move their body and use muscles in ways most people can never even dream of, so stretching to recover and lower the risk of injury is essential.

Emma Slater has embraced yoga and meditation to help her recover from dance sessions and injury and improve her focus and general outlook. She’s used it as physical therapy to come back from a serious knee injury and to become a more positive and resilient person. And when she’s not filming DWTS, she’s taking classes five or six times per week—but we’ll see if that changes after the engagement!

Eating To Dance

Being a professional dancer involves a tremendous fitness level, work ethic and smart eating. Of course when you’re active all day, every day, you don’t need to do a lot of traditional workouts. Hitting the weights likely isn’t the top priority for Emma Slater or her new fiancé Sasha Farber, who need to use the bulk of their energy to get through intense dances. Because of the vast amount of energy required to be a dancer and the intense training schedule, professional dancers have to eat big and they have to eat smart. They need energy to last them through the day, while staying strong to prevent sprains and other injuries.

A balanced, nutrient-dense diet is the best way for dancers—or anybody—to get the most out of their diet to help build muscles, stay energized and prevent injury. Also, because of how much energy they burn every day, pro dancers like Emma Slater can get away with the occasional donut.

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