Dynasty TV Show Actress Heather Locklear Looks Stunning at 54 Due to Diet and Exercise

Photo Credit: Splash News
Heather Locklear

Photo Credit: Splash News

Former “Dynasty” TV show actress Heather Locklear seems to be ageless. Would you believe that Heather Locklear’s age is 54? The blonde bombshell is still smoking hot and many believe that she looks better than ever, so what kind of diet and exercises does she engage in to get that bod?

Heather Locklear

Heather Locklear leaving Madeo’s in West Hollywood. 02/07/2015. Credit: FJR / Splash News.

Heather Locklear’s Workout Plan

What is Heather Locklear’s workout plan? Well, according to her previous trainer Garrett Warren, Locklear is one of the most committed and driven celebrities he has ever worked with. He says Locklear is not only super nice and professional, but she actually cares about putting in her best effort when working out to achieve maximum results. This helps tremendously when combined with her good genes!

The two trained together for about three years, five days per week. Warren targeted Locklear’s tummy, glutes, triceps, and lower abdomen during their intense workouts. The results of this consistency can be seen in Heather Locklear’s sexy figure.

Locklear starred in movies like Uptown Girls and The Perfect Man, and who could forget her in the TV series Dynasty?

She has always managed to look super sexy as a result of her hard work. Warren’s biggest tip for women over 40 who are trying to achieve a body like Locklear’s: Start slow and build consistency in whatever workouts you do. Don’t rush into the process; start small and sustain the effort—that’s how results happen!

Some of the strength training exercises to stay fit and fabulous over 50 that work for Locklear include: dumbbell flies and kickbacks, dumbbell shoulder presses, walking lunges, bicep curls, leg lifts, one-legged squats, and ab crunches.

These are the Heather Locklear keep fit routines. Doing cardio helps Locklear maintain a healthy and positive outlook on life—it must be all those endorphins! She also does yoga to maintain a body-mind connection.

Heather Locklear’s Diet Plan

The biggest secret when it comes to Heather Locklear’s diet plan is portion control. Locklear eats clean 80% of the time but doesn’t deprive herself of carbs or sweets. She eats them in small amounts—controlling portion sizes—instead of bingeing. This helps her find balance.

The majority of her diet consists of fresh fruits and vegetables and she loves sushi. Although she does like junk food such as ice cream and french fries, she keeps her cravings in check. This is an excellent tip for anyone trying to lose weight.

If you can maintain a predominantly health-conscious diet of fruits, vegetables, and lean protein, including salads and some fish (like that found in sushi), and eat only small amounts of cheat foods, you may very well achieve a body like Heather Locklear’s.

Heather Locklear truly looks her best at 54. With age, the Melrose Place actress says her confidence and self-love have grown. This is thanks to the consistent effort she puts in her clean diet and exercise routine.

Okay, so she has the genes too, but she takes care of her body by ensuring she wears sunscreen to protect her skin, drinking plenty of water for hydration, and staying positive and happy. It really shows!

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