Want to Make Eggnog Alcohol? All the Alcohol Options With Eggnog to Celebrate This Holiday Season

Eggnog Recipe Christmas
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Eggnog alcohol (just making your eggnog an alcoholic beverage) is a favorite treat for many adults this time of year. And it can be especially delicious treat this holiday season when made from scratch with fresh ingredients. It’s a taste sensation unlike any. Treat your guests this Christmas 2016 to a decadent drink they may not expect, but will most certainly enjoy.

For this recipe, you need liquor and eggs for sure, so have lots of those on hand. Recipes are below for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic eggnog, though you can make any eggnog the alcohol-type simply by adding a good dark-spiced rum to it.

Eggnog 101: How to Create the Perfect Drink

Let’s first discuss store bought eggnog and how to make that alcoholic. It’s really a no-brainer. Buy alcohol and add to the store-bought eggnog. Easy, and everyone will enjoy this drink just fine. Sometimes there is no to time to make the homemade eggnog and that’s okay.

So what kind of alcohol goes well with eggnog if adding it directly? Here is a list of a few top picks that blend super well with this sweet, creamy holiday beverage.

  1. Brandy. Not for the light drinker who wants a mild flavor. This will almost overpower the sweetness of the eggnog, so if that sounds appealing, then add some brandy. This will be quite the stiff drink.
  1. Dark rum. This is a classic pairing, but it too has a strong flavor; however, the flavors meld really nicely.
  1. Cognac. This offers a lighter alcohol flavor and won’t overpower the eggnog. A smooth, subtle pairing.
  1. Peppermint schnapps. Want something a little different? Try this liquor for an added holiday flavor, though it won’t be for everyone because of how the nutmeg in the eggnog will pair with this.
  1. Whiskey. A good in between and is a safe bet for most adults drinking this.

The above alcohols also work with making homemade eggnog, but when you add it directly to the mixture it will have to be something you think most of your guests will appreciate. Keep it low key, as opposed to over the top in intensity of flavor. Guests can always add another hit of alcohol for added flavor if desired.

When making a homemade eggnog, the alcohol gets added after the mixture cooks for a little bit on the stove (to kill any bacteria in the raw eggs). If it were added while cooking on the stove, the alcohol would evaporate, though some of the flavor would remain.

When the eggnog mixture has been cooked (recipe linked above), add the alcohol and then chill in the fridge for a few hours. When serving, have more alcohol available for guests who want to make it a real stiff drink. Garnish the drink with whipped cream and a sprinkling of fresh nutmeg to make a real impression on guests.

This can be made a day or two ahead of time before your party or dinner. It will keep for a few days in the fridge. The above recipe can also be made non-alcoholic by simply not adding the alcohol.

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