Elle Fanning, Dakota Fanning’s Sister, Stays Fit with Dance Workout

Elle Fanning
Photo credit: Jen Lowery / Splash News

Elle Fanning, actress Dakota Fanning’s younger sister, loves to take dance classes to stay in shape, fit, and active.

The budding star was photographed leaving a dance studio earlier this month in Los Angeles, showing off her midriff and toned abs. She left the gym without makeup and wearing short blue cycling shorts with a black hoodie and pale sports bra.

The young fashionista has said that Grace Kelly is a style icon of hers, though it is debatable if Kelly would have worn such an outfit to the gym were she still alive. Fanning says that she enjoys dressing up, whether it’s for a photoshoot or premiere. For her, it’s like creating a character. She admits to still being experimental with her clothes.

Fanning, 18, has a slim midsection and toned physique. Dancing is an excellent fitness activity for many reasons. It improves cardiovascular systems, tones muscles, strengthens the calves, helps with coordination, and can burn a lot of calories if it is a vigorous dance class.

The blonde actress has recently finished filming the crime drama Live by Night, which was directed by none other than Ben Affleck. The story is set in the Prohibition Era and focuses on a group of people involved in the world of organized crime.

Ben Affleck, Scott Eastwood, Zoe Saldana and Sienna Miller are all set to appear in the movie alongside Fanning. Not bad for an actress who is still so new to the acting scene. The movie is due in theaters this January.

Dakota Fanning also loves to go to Pilates class. Pilates is an excellent workout that helps build a strong core, lean and toned muscles, and improves posture. Pilates has been heralded by many celebrities as the key to their toned bodies.

She also loves to do ballet classes six times a week. No wonder her body is so lean and trim; she works out a lot and seems truly dedicated to her fitness regime.

Ballet classes are a wonderful exercise and below are seven reasons why anyone should consider taking up this style of dance as an exercise alternative. Maybe the gym isn’t for you. Try this instead.

1. Long and lean muscles. Dancing will help tone and sculpt the body, much like Pilates.

2. Poise and confidence. Grace and being light on your feet are a natural outcome of dance class.

3. A flatter stomach (much like Elle’s) happens in dance because the core is being used.

4. Increased flexibility thanks to many stretching routines on the bar and elsewhere in routines.

5. Great for mental health and emotional health. Any exercise is, even walking. Just get moving.

6. Improved posture. Ballet, especially, will help with awareness of how you stand and help correct any imperfections as you go.

7. Stress buster. Any and all activity is great for alleviating stress.


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