Ellie Goulding: Vegan Diet, Eating Habits, Workout, Heart Condition, and Health

Ellie Goulding Vegan Diet

Did you know that singer Ellie Goulding adopted a vegan diet and was diagnosed with a heart condition? Her eating habits and workout are explored in this article.

The “Love Me Like You Do” singer is known as someone who is athletic and has a strong interest in fitness.

She talks the talk and walks the walk as an advocate for healthy living. Goulding has always made health a part of her routine, at one point becoming a lacto-ovo vegetarian, and she recently transitioned into veganism.

But did you know that at one point, Goulding felt really insecure about her body? Sometimes she was so insecure that she was afraid to leave her own house. It’s hard to imagine that such a beautiful star like Goulding could get that down on herself.

The good thing is she made changes to her lifestyle and now feels better than ever, saying, “I’m a bit more confident with my body. I put it down to eating amazingly well. Now my body’s different, my face shape is different, and my eyes are brighter, too.”

We’re so glad that she’s feeling more confident. So, how did she get to that place and what are the Ellie Goulding diet, workout, and health tips and secrets to a better life?

Goulding Adopted a Vegan Diet and Exercise Routine

The daily Ellie Goulding vegan diet usually starts with a delicious green drink (vegan, of course!), and the singer also enjoys three vegan meals per day that are made by nutritionist and Chef Mary Mattern. Some of the meals Goulding consumes include kale juices, tofu scrambled eggs, and sweet corn, pea, and broad bean burgers.

Mattern wrote a cookbook called Nom Yourself: Simple Vegan Cooking, which Goulding endorsed with a testimonial, saying: “I really believe Mary is the perfect ambassador for veganism and healthy living. Her amazing attitude and enthusiasm for cooking helps show how scrumptious and easy meals can be without meat—with an effortless cool and flair.

Whether you are vegan or just wanting a healthier diet, Mary’s recipes will guarantee to keep your food really delicious and fun. Since becoming vegetarian and moving towards becoming vegan, I am extremely thankful I came across Mary at the beginning of my journey.” Goulding has been a vegan for about two years now.

But diet is only one part of the equation. Goulding also adopted a workout routine with amazing health benefits. The Ellie Goulding workout routine starts off with a run to the gym, which takes about 25 minutes, and then the singer engages in Barry’s Bootcamp. It’s an hour-long workout that has been tried by many other celebrities including Kim Kardashian and David and Victoria Beckham.

Goulding also works with celebrity trainer Faisal Abdalla, and she does workouts that include mat exercises and intense bursts on the treadmill. Goulding has killer abs, and her trainer reveals that the secret to obtaining them is to do an exercise called the “six-touch plank.”

How do you do it? Get into a push-up position and lift one hand off the floor to touch your opposite shoulder; repeat six times. Then do it with the other side.

Goulding also trains with Russell Bateman, who directs elite, invite-only classes for the stars with his organization, The ‘Skinny B***h Collective’ (SBC). His course has been called the “secret class for supermodels.” Erm, sign us up?
These classes help build lean and strong women by re-educating them about health and wellness.

He said of training with Goulding: “Ellie is great fun. She just comes in and really embraces SBC and the way I train people. It’s not your average workout and she knows it will always be tough, but she gets through it with flying colors.”
So, it seems that her keys to staying fit are a vegan diet and plenty of cardio and strength training with different trainers.