Ellie Goulding’s Amazing Abs Are Thanks to Vegan Diet and HIIT

Photo Credit: Splash News
Ellie Goulding

Photo Credit: Splash News

Ellie Goulding is in peak physical condition, with amazing abs that she is happy to flaunt and admits that before she started doing her intense fitness regimen she had a flat butt, not much shape and lacked confidence to even leave her apartment.

She also attributes eating a vegan diet to her trim shape and ability to keep the weight off.

While Goulding had nominal success in her career for years, it wasn’t until her song “Love Me Like You Do” from the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack became a smash hit that she was finally catapulted to celebrity status—part of which means having people ask her what her diet and workout secrets are.

A clean-eating vegan diet and a love of workouts have changed Ellie Goulding’s life, both physically and mentally. She admits to having cheat days, which can be every day, but if she’s had a good workout that day then she doesn’t feel too badly about indulging in some of her favorite things, such as champagne and sugar; she has a self-proclaimed sweet tooth.

One of her fallback exercises is the Insanity Workout, a program that focuses on all muscle groups including abs and works towards muscle confusion, which is considered by some fitness experts to be the ideal way to lose weight and train because the muscles don’t plateau as often as they would by following a regular, regimented routine. She enjoys a post-workout smoothie loaded with avocado, peanut butter, some kale or spinach, protein powder, and soy or hazelnut milk.

The most effective workout Ellie Goulding has tried is a 45-minute routine called HIIT, which is short for high intensity interval training, but she admits it’s also the hardest. Still, it seems to be doing wonders for her abs. The idea behind HIIT is simple—alternating between high-intensity exercises and lower-intensity exercises—but that doesn’t make it any less rigorous. Getting great results quickly is what may draw celebrities, who are often short on time, to this kind of exercise. Between HIIT and a vegan diet, Goulding is sure to keep looking good for years to come.

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