Emily Ratajkowski Diet 2016: A Sneak Peek Into Model’s Bikini Body Secrets

Emily Ratajkowski
Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez / Staff / Getty

You may remember actress and model Emily Ratajkowski from the music video for the hit song “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke a few years ago. Since she first appeared in the music video, fans everywhere have wanted to know Ratajkowski’s secrets for staying fit and having an incredibly toned body. So, what is the Emily Ratajkowski diet and workout? Here is the scoop on how she keeps her slender physique.

Emily Ratajkowski Diet and Workout Routine

Emily Ratajkowski’s workout routine and diet plan are much simpler than you might think. She actually has a pretty grounded approach to her health and wellness. Ratajkowski even shared with the New York Times that one of her dieting secrets is pretty much eating only foods that make her feel good.

She is a big believer in eating the right foods. Although it is a vague description, it’s not a stretch to assume that she is talking about healthy foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains. Judging by her amazingly glowing skin, it could also be speculated that Ratajkowski drinks plenty of water to keep her bikini body.

Another one of her fitness secrets is that she keeps track of her sugar and sodium intake every day by preparing her own meals using fresh ingredients. When she does have spare time, she likes to cook for herself. By monitoring the ingredients in the foods she prepares for herself, she gets to make healthy choices that benefit her body.

She follows this philosophy on the regular; avoiding junk foods with too many detrimental ingredients for her body—this is her greatest advice. Of course, like everyone else, Ratajkowski likes to indulge every so often. She sometimes likes to treat herself to something like a cupcake or a croissant in the morning for breakfast.

Keeping hydrated by drinking enough water is really important as water flushes toxins out of the body and keeps our cells replenished. It’s also important for promoting digestion and regularity as well as a healthy complexion. Aside from water, Ratajkowski really enjoys healthy juices.

She does live in Los Angeles after all, so one of her favorite drinks is beet juice with lots of turmeric. Both of these super foods have major anti-inflammatory properties that are excellent for overall well-being.

You may be surprised (or even envious) of the fact that Ratajkowski doesn’t have a regimented workout routine. That’s right, she actually doesn’t go to the gym very often or even works with a personal trainer.

Her slim figure is maintained naturally. Sometimes she goes on long walks or hikes with friends but aside from that—and some regular yoga—that’s the extent of her workout routine. Hiking, walking, and yoga are all great forms of cardio, so it’s no wonder she looks so good. She’s really not a fitness crazed person and her easy going approach is something to look to when pushing too hard in the gym—moderation is key.

You can see more of Emily Ratajkowski by following her Instagram account, where she shares tons of personal photos, including ones of her amazing bikini body.

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