Emily Ratajkowski Diet: Credits Meat, High Protein Diet for Hot Bikini Body

Emily Ratajkowski
Photo Credit: PC-NWP / Splash News

Emily Ratajkowski says a high protein diet helps her get her fantastic bikini body, the one she shows off in many swimsuit selfies, not to mention the video for the blockbuster song of the summer in 2013, “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke. The California beach girl’s star shone bright after her stint in that video, and she went on to make Gone Girl with Ben Affleck and We Are Your Friends with Zac Efron. Not bad for a woman who just started her career in Hollywood. The gorgeous brunette actually signed with a modeling agency when she was 14 and became a Ford model not long after that as well.

So what are Emily Ratajkowski’s eating habits to keep her frame so slender and shapely? Some won’t like what she says because it includes cupcakes and eating pretty much what she wants. Yup, she’s that girl, and she knows she is an outlier in the industry, which is putting it mildly. She eats whatever makes her feel good. You won’t find her eating salads, because a self-professed carnivore; she says she needs the iron. She does, however, believe in eating the right things, and she especially likes to use fresh ingredients when cooking so she knows how much sugar and salt are in her meals. She hasn’t elaborated on those ingredients, though she does love turmeric and beet juices, which she says is unavoidable living in Los Angeles.

That pretty much sums up Emily Ratajkowski’s diet plan, but it must include healthy eating if she loves juices and is so thin and in shape. She’s likely been blessed with good genetics and a fast metabolism that can handle any type of food, including foods that cause weight gain for many, such as croissants. Giving yourself a break is her food philosophy, as is knowing where foods come from so you know what is going into your body. Emily Ratajkowski’s daily diet isn’t known, but we can assume she chooses fresh foods that are low in sugar and salt.

Emily Ratajkowski’s Fitness Regimen

Ratajkowski doesn’t have a trainer and she says that she really doesn’t go to the gym either. She prefers to go on long walks and hikes with her friends, and that’s about it for fitness, except for some yoga that she does about twice a week. Again, she clearly has some wonderful genes that make things a lot easier for her when it comes to weight. She says she’s just not a crazy fitness person. And that’s OK as long as she’s healthy and happy.

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