Emily Ratajkowski Shows Off Her Incredible Beach Body on Instagram, Beauty and Fitness Secrets Revealed

Emily Ratajkowski
Photo Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez / Staff/ Getty

Actress and model Emily Ratajkowski is best known for her roles in Gone Girl (2014), Entourage (2015), We Are your Friends (2015), and the 2013 music video for Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines.”

The 25-year-old former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model recently showed off her incredible beach body with a pair of Instagram “photo bum” shots of her swimsuit bottoms while in Malibu, California.

Ratajkowski also appears to be wearing a gold body chain around her waist. She was presumably hanging out with boyfriend Jeff Magid. She may have been inspired by fellow model Irina Shayk’s booty snap that looks similar to photos that Kim Kardashian has posted in the past.

There is an apparent void in butt celebrity photos after Kardashian has been shying away from the public eye since her traumatic Paris heist.

In the 'bu with my boo

A photo posted by Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) on

A photo posted by Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) on

Ratajkowski is a pretty good candidate to fill the role left behind by the reality TV starlet. After all, Ratajkowski is a stunning beauty with a regular workout and strict food plan. What are her secrets to a beautiful beach body and stunning figure? Check out the model’s beauty tips below with her workout and eating plans:

Emily Ratajkowski’s Workout Plan

Although Emily Ratajkowski will always enjoy a good workout, she does so without a personal trainer. That’s right! She maintains all her curves without the advice of a trainer. She doesn’t even hit the gym on a regular basis. What does Ratajkowski do for a workout? All she does is hiking and walking with friends in Los Angeles. She also loves doing yoga twice each week. It sounds too good to be true; however, she has a relatively healthy diet instead.

Emily Ratajkowski’s Diet, Food Plan, and Lifestyle

Emily Ratajkowski’s diet contains a lot of meat, and she considers herself a carnivore. Her food plan is a high-protein diet that includes lean meats and vegetables. A high-protein diet will increase muscle mass, boost metabolism, suppress appetite, and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and inflammation.

She cooks a lot so that she controls the amount of salt and sugar that she is putting into her body. On occasion she will indulge with a cupcake or croissant. Although Ratajkowski will always think about the ingredients that go into her body, she also believes it is important to give herself a break and indulge from time to time. Better carb sources will include brown rice and quinoa.

For Emily Ratajkowski, it is always about feeling good about what she eats. Other food favorites for Ratajkowski include beet and turmeric juices. Turmeric and beets are super nutritious. Beets are loaded with folate, manganese, and vitamin C, and are excellent for liver and heart health. Turmeric is a herb that is high in iron and manganese, and it is great for inflammation and joint health.

Besides exercise and diet, Emily Ratajkowski also has an excellent morning and nighttime skin routine. She uses a variety of beauty products, including Kiehl’s Calendula Foaming Face Wash, L’Oreal eye makeup remover, and moisturizers By Terry Cellularose Baume d’Eau and Sisley Hydra-Global. At night she will use Sisley Black Rose Precious Face Oil and Sisley Express Flower Gel. She also loves acupressure massage.

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