Emma Roberts Flaunts Her Super Slim and Toned Legs, Prepares for Swimming

emma roberts
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Petite actress, Emma Roberts, took to Instagram to show off her skinny, but toned legs. Wearing a black leather jacket with her first name “Emma” printed across the back of it, the actress posed with her back to the camera, next her swimming pool. Her pet dog also made a feature in the picture.

Roberts captioned the picture as, “Nobody can rain on our parade.”

Nobody can rain on our parade @thealbinopig ☂️

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Emma Roberts walked into our hearts as Addie Singer in Unfabulous, and ever since her Nickelodeon days, the actress has proved her worth as Julia Roberts’ niece. She is very hard working and when she is not busy with filming, Roberts sweat it out at the gym. Here is another Instagram post showing the actress working out hard. She captioned it, “Rise and shine Wednesday.”


Rise and shine Wednesday @nicolestuartla ?

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Emma Roberts’ Workout Routine

Instead of slogging away at the gym with the machines all the time, Emma Roberts likes to switch it up by doing pole dancing and swimming to keep herself fit and strong.  The 25-year-old actress is also a huge fan of Pilates. According to the Scream Queens star, she engages in Pilates three to four times a week and it works miracles for her. She says that she isn’t the athletic type and finds it difficult to keep up with most hardcore exercises. Pilates, however, is something she loves, and has stuck to it ever since.

In addition to Pilates, Emma Roberts performs some other exercises as well to stay fit and healthy. The American Horror Story star performs side planks to strengthen her core. In an Instagram post, Roberts demonstrates a cool variation of the side plank and captioned the pic, “Side plank Saturday.”

Side plank Saturday ?@andreaorbeck

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Planks strengthen the abdominal muscles, lower back muscles, and upper body muscles like the biceps and shoulders, and lower body muscles like the glutes and thighs. Replacing the crunches and sit-ups with planks engages more muscles and makes the exercise more effective. Roberts also loves yoga. Asanas helps her to achieve flexibility and mind relaxation.

Emma Roberts’ Diet Plan

In addition to a good workout routine, Roberts eats healthy, too. She maintains the fitness of her body from inside as well. Her diet incorporates organic food as they supply her body with enough vitamins, minerals, carbs, and fiber.

She also keeps her herself hydrated with water and coconut water. Usually Emma Roberts usually avoids junk foods, but does indulge on the weekends.



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