Emma Roberts’ Halloween Celebration with Boyfriend Evan Peters, “Scream Queens” Star Looks Super Fit in Black

Emma Roberts' Halloween Celebration with Boyfriend Evan Peters, “Scream Queens” Star Looks Super Fit in Black
Photo by Christopher Polk/Staff/Getty

Scream Queens star Emma Roberts looked stunning and super fit while dressed in black for her Halloween celebrations. The petite star attended Kate Hudson’s annual celebrity-packed Halloween party with her on-again, off-again boyfriend and American Horror Story co-star Evan Peters. Peters donned a pregnant woman costume. He wore a curly red wig and showed off a baby bump.

On a spooky night filled with trick-or-treating, it was a treat to see slender Roberts in her Halloween ensemble. Her artist friend Jason Garofolo helped with painting her face into a creepy skull. She looked stunning in a silken black top and a black structured coat. Her Instagram photo reveals her stylish costume. Let us find out about Roberts lifestyle, and how she remains super fit.

Emma Roberts Super Fit Lifestyle

Emma Roberts Workout Regimen

The 25-year-old loves to do Pilates. She shared with E! News, “My favorite workout is definitely Pilates. That’s kind of the only thing I’ve tried and stuck with.”

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She does a lot of workouts, which include cardio, hitting the gym, and trying some easy weightlifting. The weightlifting helps her tone her arms and body. She also includes planks, which help her tone her oblique muscles. Planks can strengthen abdominal muscles, upper body muscles (like shoulders and biceps), lower back muscles, and lower body muscles (like glutes and thighs).

The beautiful niece of Julia Roberts, Emma believes in workouts that balance both body and mind. She heads to Reyn Studios in New Orleans to practice yoga. Pilates and yoga both help the star balance and relieve her anxiety.

Emma Roberts Diet Plan

The Scream Queens star maintains her slender physique and tiny waistline by eating healthy and clean foods. She likes organic food, and it often gets included in her diet. Organic foods are rich in vitamins, carbs, fiber, and minerals. She claims that organic food makes her look good, and also provide the essential elements for her body.

She indulges in her beloved foods: pizza and desserts (Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Swedish Fish) on weekends. When it comes to pizza, she loves to chow down on the pizza crust dipped in ranch dressing. She also revealed in a discussion with Women’s Health magazine that she ensures all of her other meals are healthy.

She shared with the publication, “When I was (younger), I would eat whatever I wanted,” and continued, “My mum told me to eat healthier, not for the outside but for the inside. A lot of women feel like they have to eat healthy to be skinny, but (for me) it’s not that.”

She drinks a lot of water. She believes it helps with flushing out toxins from the body and to increase your metabolism. Another healthy food that Roberts indulges in is coconut water; she claims that coconut water gives her glowing skin.

Roberts maintains a healthy lifestyle, balancing her diet and workouts. Her super fit Halloween look reflects her lifestyle.


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