Emma Roberts’ Healthy Habits: Actress Practices Yoga and Won’t Be Tempted by Unhealthy Christmas Food

Emma Roberts’ Healthy Habits: Actress Practices Yoga and Won’t Be Tempted by Unhealthy Christmas Food
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Emma Roberts, perhaps most well known for her role as the deviously snarky Chanel Oberlin on the Fox hit series, Scream Queens, is staying fit for Christmas 2016. The actress posted a photo of herself on Instagram this past Thursday, performing part of her yoga routine. Read on to discover just which exercises and diet tricks Roberts favors that keep her looking fit and lean in every role.

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Roberts is a huge fan of both yoga and Pilates as the classes not only help to keep her toned and in shape, but they also help with quieting her mind after a stressful day. She revealed to the New York Times that she gets anxious and sometimes has trouble sleeping, but on the days when she has done yoga and/or Pilates, she finds it much easier to fall and stay asleep. Rest is vital for the body to stay looking and feeling its best, and these workouts go the extra mile for the actress in keeping her in top shape.

While she admits that she hates running, Roberts does work in a bit of cardio now and then to keep her metabolism and heart healthy. She also does some light weightlifting to ensure her muscles stay firm. Another fun way that the actress stays in shape is pole dancing. Not on stage, of course, but in a studio. She told Women’s Health magazine that she started taking pole dancing classes with a friend and was surprised at the amount of upper-body strength required to perform some of the moves. Roberts also added that the classes were enjoyable and went a long way in building your self-confidence.

Emma Roberts’ Diet

Roberts is not one to be tempted by Christmas foods, though she does reveal that she enjoys the occasional treat in the form of chocolates and candies. Instead, she prefers to eat nutrient-rich organic food to help maintain he slim figure. Rather than stick to a strict diet, the young starlet tries to eat healthy, balanced meals during the week, while allowing herself indulgences like pizza on the weekends. Roberts also drinks lots of water daily in order to keep herself hydrated, flush toxins from her body, and help control over cravings and appetite. Her attitude towards organic, balanced eating stems not from the desire to remain thin, but, rather, her acknowledgement of how important it is to keep your body healthy.

Emma Roberts has had a fantastic 2016. Starring in blockbusters like Nerve and hot television shows such as Scream Queens has kept her in the spotlight, and the actress has managed to stick to a healthy lifestyle that includes organic foods and Pilates to keep her looking and feeling her best. Whatever 2017 has in store for her, there is no doubt that she will be ready!


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