Emmy Rossum, Super Fit “Shameless” Star Demands Equal Pay to William H Macy

Emmy Rossum
Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez / Staff/ Getty

Shameless” star Emmy Rossum is in great shape, and that’s no secret. And she flexed her muscle before heading into “Shameless” season 8 by pointing out that she and her female cast mates make less, for the same work, than their male co-stars like William H. Macy.

Perhaps Rossum took a stand because she was feeling powerful after a workout, or perhaps she’d just had enough of not being paid unfairly. Maybe she used her workouts as way to cope with her frustration and let off some steam.

Emmy Rossum Stays Active

Rossum stays active by working out and focusing on cardio. She’s also been taking dance classes for her entire life, offering a great workout and way to stay lean, flexible, and looking fit.

She told Shape magazine she also likes doing Physique 57, a boutique training program based out of New York that combines ballet, flexibility, and resistance training.

She also told Shape that she prefers to work out in groups, hates traditional weightlifting, and prefers things like spin classes and other non-one-on-one situations.

Emmy Rossum Eats healthy

Rossum also does her best to eat healthy and has been gluten-free for a number of years. It’s important to realize, however, that gluten-free isn’t necessarily essential unless you have celiac disease or another diagnosed digestive condition.

So if you want to increase the health factor of your diet, cutting out gluten may not do anything for you despite what you might have read in your favorite magazine.

What is healthy about her diet is that she minimizes junk food and sticks largely to something resembling a macrobiotic diet.

A macrobiotic diet focuses on fiber-rich whole grains, beans, bean products, vegetables, fruit, a little bit of fish, a touch of nuts, and seeds. Basically, it’s a healthy diet that works on promoting good and diverse gut bacteria that should lead to improved digestion and lower risks for health conditions like type-2 diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

It’s also very low in junk food and processed foods, but let’s be real: who can do that 100 % of the time! That’s why Rossum, as fit as she is, says she does allow herself some sweet treats like crème brulee from time to time, especially on a weekend.

And she’s on to something: eating junk food—or something you crave—at designated times (weekends, for example) is a great way of keeping your overall diet intact.

It allows you a little treat to keep you motivated, while virtually eliminating big-time cravings that will make you miserable and lead to over-indulgence when you do crack.

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