Euro 2016 Party: Best Restaurants Near Stade de France

Photo Credit: SDFL / Splash News
Euro 2016 party

Photo Credit: SDFL / Splash News

After punching their tickets to the final, Portugal and France are ready to get the Euro 2016 party started. And if you’re in France for the Euro 2016 celebrations, you might be looking for some restaurants near Stade de France. After all, if you’re partying at the Euro Cup championships, you’re going to get hungry.

Restaurants near Stade de France are going to fill up fast, and if you’re not one of the over 81,000 fans packed into the venue in Saint-Denis, France, you’ll want to find somewhere close to the action to party and eat.

Saint-Denis is just north of central Paris and is visible from the city, meaning the Euro 2016 party is going to be a big one. Thankfully there are plenty of restaurants offering all types of cuisine to start your Euro 2016 celebrations off right!

Euro 2016 Party: 10 Restaurants Near Stade de France

1. Le Club

Located in Saint-Denis—right inside the Stade de France—this high-end lunch spot will get you right in the action. There will likely be a big Euro 2016 party going on, so reservations are recommended. Avenue du President Wilson, 93210 Saint-Denis, France. Phone: 33-155930440.

2. La 3e Mi-Temps

A good spot to let loose and enjoy the Euro 2016 celebrations in a pub-style atmosphere, this relaxed spot offers easy access from the Stade de France and serves up pub food with wine by the pitcher. 33 Rue Jules Rimet, 93210 Saint-Denis, France. Phone: 0155931681.

3. Le France

A short walk from the Stade de France, this place will be hopping around the championship game. Plenty of beer on tap and a variety of feel-good foods with a French twist. 33 Rue Jules Rimet, 93210 Saint-Denis, France. Phone: 0149982484.

4. Hinata

If you’re in the area and want to add some Japanese style to your Euro 2016 celebrations, head to this popular spot near the Stade de France. 1 Place du Cornillon, 93200 Saint-Denis, France. Phone: 0149982637.

5. Café Gaspard Bar Brasserie

With lots of variety on the menu, this place will have something for everyone. 6 Avenue du Stade de France, 93000 Saint-Denis, France. Phone: 33149511734.

6. Au Marahja du Stade

If you’re in the mood for some British-style Indian food to spice up your Euro 2016 celebrations, check out this popular restaurant close to the Stade de France. 16 Rue Jesse Owens, Stade de France, 93210 La Place, Saint-Denis, France. Phone: 0148216465.

7. Le Rameau

For a restaurant that’s a little more upscale, you might want to try the unique offerings of Le Rameau, located less than half a kilometer from the stadium. 4 Rue Jean Philippe Rameau, 93210 Saint-Denis, France. Phone: 179639472.

8. Chez Rochette

For an upscale lunch or dinner with friendly service and traditional French cuisine, let restaurant Chez Rochette be a part of your Euro 2016 celebration. 20 Rue Gabriel Peri, Saint-Denis, France. Phone: 0142437144.

9. Le Balyann

A nice restaurant with moderately priced cuisine and a great wine list that’s only steps from the Stade de France. 23 Avenue Jules Rimet, 93210 Saint-Denis, France. Phone: 0149984910.

10. Le Chalet des Crepes

Located right beside the Stade de France, this restaurant is a local favourite. It offers nice, light options and is a perfect place for Euro 2016 party munchies. 23 Avenue Jules Rimet, 93210, France. Phone: 33149511469.

Restaurants near Stade de France are abundant and should be ready to host your Euro 2016 celebrations. Be safe, eat well, enjoy the day, and get ready for a Euro 2016 party!

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