Food Trends for 2017: 10 Trending Healthy Foods for Health Conscious People

Credit: Sean Gallup / Staff/ Getty

With every new year comes a new list of foods to eat: foods that are hot right now and foods that are going to change the way we think about healthy eating. Over the years we have seen quinoa, kale, pomegranates, and chia seeds make these sorts of lists.

Eventually, we might run out of foods to showcase, but for now, there are still some lesser-known food items that make these lists and become the fan favorites for a year. Food trends for 2017 are beginning to crop up, and these trends involve both healthy foods and not-so-healthy foods.

The health conscious will be curious to see what foods have made the list for 2017 and decide if they are daring enough (and, yes, daring applies to some of these items) to try some of these list makers.

Sometimes we get stuck in a food rut, and it is thought that most people generally stick to about 20 foods in their diet with some variation here and there.

Eating habits become routine and these new food trend lists give us a reason to contemplate what we are eating and provide a chance for us to throw in a few new contenders.

10 Health Food Trends to Watch for in 2017

1.Savory snack bars. Move over cranberry and honey, there’s a new flavor in town. Snack bars are taking a new approach to taste and savory is the new trend. Garlic and roasted red pepper nut bar anyone?

2.Jackfruit, a meatier meat-free protein. This fruit native to Southeast Asia is expected to start hitting menus and ingredient lists more often this year. It’s a great source of vegan protein.

3.Pea protein. A good alternative to both soy and whey protein. Pea protein crisps are often found in snack bars for both texture and protein.

4.Goji berries. Not going anywhere anytime fast, these berries are set to keep rising in stardom in the health-conscious eater’s world. They’re very high in vitamins.

5.Bone broth. An old remedy for those who are weak and infirm, bone broth is becoming a new trend for its health benefits. But it is not suitable for vegans or vegetarians because it is made by cooking beef bones in water.

6.Probiotic chips and popcorn. Yup, those little billions of live bacteria added to yogurt are now coming to snack products.

More hype than help, perhaps, but it never hurts to get as many probiotics into your body as possible. However, taking a probiotic pill is likely more preferable for actual healing purposes.

7.Seaweed. Rich in iron and calcium, seaweed is a superfood of low popularity, but that could change this year if marketers have their say and if companies use it widely in products. Low in calories, high in taste.

8.Coconut sugar. A great alternative to regular sugar and maple syrup, and ideal for those who find that stevia has an odd taste. The beauty of this sweetener is its low glycemic index rating. It’s suitable in moderation for diabetics and those on a low-sugar diet.

9.Insects. You read that right and you knew it was coming. Apparently, these critters are high in protein, crunch, and taste in some cases. Has it really come to this? Garlic infused, chocolate covered, or naked, this is what’s coming down the pipeline.

10.Avocado oil. This oil has been available for years and is pricey compared to other oils. It has many nutritional benefits, but unless the price point drops, it won’t become as mainstream as marketers hope it will.

Only small amounts are needed when preparing food with this oil and it is not intended for cooking, so a bottle will last a long time compared to other oils.

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