Former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger Conquers Bulimia, Shares Stress-Free Bikini Diet & Workout Regime

Nicole Scherzinger
Photo credit: Ana M Wiggins / Splash News

Nicole Scherzinger is best known for being a judge on The X Factor and a lead singer with The Pussycat Dolls, but these days, the celebrity is gaining a lot of attention for her bikini body.

On her Instagram, Nicole Scherzinger likes to upload a lot of pictures that show off her fit physique. Recently, she uploaded a picture of her performing yoga while on a yacht, as well as a video that shows her leaping into the lake in her swimsuit.

Throughout her career, Scherzinger has always been admired for her stunning figure, but what few people realize is that staying fit hasn’t always been easy for the star. Scherzinger has struggled with bulimia and health issues in the past, making her current healthy body all the more impressive.

How did Scherzinger manage to overcome her bulimia and gain her fit figure? The star says that she tries not to focus too much on weight loss, instead choosing to follow a healthy diet and training routine that keeps her in shape.

Nicole Scherzinger’s Diet

In the past, Nicole Scherzinger has suffered from bulimia, an eating disorder that involves binging on food and then purging it. Bulimia can cause unhealthy weight loss and other health problems.

Scherzinger’s experience with the disease may be why she now chooses to follow a healthier diet that isn’t too restrictive or overly focused on weight loss. Scherzinger says that she never weighs herself anymore and that she doesn’t believe in depriving herself of food.

Instead, Scherzinger eats a portion-controlled diet that allows all types of food. She allows herself to indulge in her favorite unhealthy foods, eating them in moderation. Some of her favorite foods include truffles, pizza, Mexican food, chocolate, curry, French fries, and pasta.

Scherzinger doesn’t believe in strict diets, especially after her experience with bulimia. Instead, she just eats a nutritious diet that can allow her to still have unhealthy foods from time to time. This non-strict approach to her diet seems to work, judging by Scherzinger’s lean figure.

Nicole Scherzinger’s Workout Plan

Nicole Scherzinger achieves her weight loss through a variety of workouts, including cardio exercise, circuit training, and yoga.

Scherzinger says that cardio exercises are a key part of her weight loss routine and a great way to burn off calories. She likes to do spinning exercise with a personal trainer. When she doesn’t have time for the gym, she does running.

Yoga is also very important for Scherzinger. She says that she loves hot yoga and that it’s a great way to work up a sweat. Yoga can help improve strength, increase flexibility, and boost mental focus. However, yoga can also help with weight loss by building muscle and suppressing appetite.

For Scherzinger, exercising regularly is all that she needs to keep her bikini body. She says that when she took dieting and exercise very seriously, she would end up gaining weight. By following a relaxed diet and exercise routine, she can keep her body in great shape.

So if you want to lose weight and improve your fitness, you don’t necessarily need to follow a strict diet. Like Nicole Scherzinger, eating more nutritious foods and exercising regularly may be enough to have the figure you’ve always dreamed about.


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