Friendsgiving Ideas: Easy Last-Minute Ideas for Your 2016 Thanksgiving Friendsgiving Party

Thanksgiving Party Food Ideas

It’s nearly time to celebrate Friendsgiving with your besties and enjoy the 2016 Thanksgiving festive soiree over a scrumptious dinner. Spending time with your best pals is definitely fun and it’s never too late to host a Friendsgiving meal.

Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday for many people. It’s a time when you can spend time with your loved ones, be thankful and have a stress-free hosting time, cherishing the time spent together at Friendsgiving dinner.

Are you looking out for some last minute party ideas? Don’t fret because here are some easy last-minute ideas that are low on budget, and will help you and your buddies have a great time together.

Easy Last-Minute Friendsgiving Ideas

Unwind and organize a stress-free Friendsgiving dinner with these last minute party ideas.

Planning and Invites: If you are hosting a last minute get-together, then posting an Evite may not help as you may wish to know who would be joining in for the soiree. Creating a Facebook group to organize the party could be considered, but you should call your pals for confirmation. Precise details will help like directions, arrival times, food allergies, and extra guests (a friend of a friend). Asking friends to chip in with food and drinks—maybe extra furniture should you need it—is not a bad idea either.

Decor: Don’t try and overdo the decorations and just keep it simple. You can always have fun trying DIY Friendsgiving decorating with the place settings, Thanksgiving printables, and more. Tables dotted with small pumpkins or pears as place settings not only give a traditional look, but are also fun and easy. Organize your table decor and seating arrangements for the Friendsgiving dinner. You may consider an elegant seating arrangement on the floor which can save the hassle of having extra furniture, and gives a comfortable and bohemian feel.

Food: Don’t overthink appetizers. Try and make sure that you have the appetizers and snacks ready, as this will give you a good headway for the main dish and desserts. When it comes to preparing the Friendsgiving meal, consider food co-hosting and have a potluck dinner instead.

The host should have the task of roasting turkey, while friends can bring the side dishes. If you don’t want to roast a huge turkey for Friendsgiving dinner, try roasting a few small chickens or a even a very simple turkey recipe. There are plenty of classic traditional dishes which you may wish to include in your menu like apple and pumpkin recipes, homemade turkey gravy, simple dressing, roasted sweet potato salad, mashed potatoes, squash, and more.

Remember to have something for everyone. Ensure you make a list of the dietary restrictions of your pals, like those who are vegan or lactose-intolerant. You can be intolerant to picky eaters—consider asking them to bring their own backup dishes.

Drinks: You can offer wine, beer, juice, soda or cocktails. You may ask your friends to also bring drinks so that you have enough for everyone. Remember to pop open a few bottles of wine to make sure drinks are easily accessible.

Entertainment: Plan some party or group games during dessert. Capture your memories and create a memorable video of the party and post it on Snapchat or InstaStory. Ask your friends to share what they are thankful for this year and make sure to get everyone to speak.

Have some good music playing in the background (plan your play-list in advance so that you have the perfect music). After the meal, get your friends to join in for some dancing to help burn off some extra calories. Maybe, you can ask your besties to join in a Mannequin Challenge.

Stock-ups: You should keep your ice supply well-stocked. Be ready to stock up on appetizers, drinks and snacks for that extra friend-of-a-friend.

Basic Rules: Friendsgiving is fun and it should stress-free, too. There can always be some basic rules to make sure that you optimize the quality time together like: minimizing cell phone usage, keeping space for desserts and eating what your friends have prepared, respecting special diets, and helping to clean up dishes.

Don’t fret over last-minute party details. Invite your besties for Friendsgiving dinner and celebrate the festive party together and don’t forget to try out some of these easy last-minute party tips.



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