From where Tom Cruise, 54, gets Strength to be part of The Mummy

Tom Cruise
Photo credit: Ethan Miller / Staff/Getty

Tom Cruise is anything but your average Hollywood star. The three time Golden Globe Award winner has truly redefined Hollywood movies with his acting skills, oodles of talent and charming personality.

With the film industry managing to create an impact with every movie it launches, it is a challenging task to make new, improved flicks.

While most producers and directors opt for action, romantic comedy or drama, there are few who take on genres like thriller and horror for a movie. This year shall soon witness the reboot of some classic Universal Monster films, starting with The Mummy.

The new take on one of Ancient Egypt’s well-kept secrets will however, not star Brendan Fraser. In fact, Tom Cruise is all ready to take on the role alongside a bandaged corpse in the upcoming one.

The Tom Cruise starrer will feature an ancient female mummy bent on global destruction. The movie shall also have some of the best special effects to portray a true and realistic depiction of the ‘Mummy’ scenario.

At Tom Cruise’s Age, it shall indeed be a challenge to portray the role, but fans are already waiting in anticipation with their fingers crossed!

Tom Cruise’s next- The Mummy:

The Mummy shall be a fresh new take on The Universal Studios franchise. Cruise will be playing the role of a military leader who fights to stop the Mummy (Sofia Boutella) from destroying London. The only known story line is that the movie shall be an action-adventure movie with horror elements.

The plan at this stage is to start a sequence of thriller and horror movies, starting with The Mummy and then building on it, in the years to come.

It was also revealed that classic thrillers like The Wolf Man, The Invisible Man, Abraham van Helsing, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, and even the Bride of Frankenstein are already in the making.

In The Mummy, Russell Crowe will be playing the part of the famous Dr. Jekyll, who is a part of a group that hunts for mythical monsters.

Director Alex Kurtzman also spoke about the new additions to Universal. “The team behind Monsters intends to establish characters independently, in more or less standalone films, before throwing them altogether.

Which is to say that instead of jumping right into the Monsters equivalent of Batman v Superman and Justice League, we’re getting The Wolf Man and Van Helsing.”

Tom Cruise’s workout and weight training:

Tom’s regular workout usually comprises of tread mill running, gym and fencing lessons. The superstar is also known to have custom-designed his workout plan from friend and popular footballer, David Beckham.

For his workout, Tom ensures he follows a set plan which is divided as per the days of the week to avoid repetition.

On Monday and Thursday, Cruise sticks to three sets each of dead lifts, push presses, chin ups, front squats, four hundred meter sprints and walking lunges.

All of the exercises and workout in this category focus on lower and upper body workout and muscle training.

Tuesday and Friday comprise of dumbbell curls, triceps rope pushdown, side laterals, face pull ups, overhead press and cable flyes with ten repetitions, focusing on abs workout and strength.

Bodyweight squats, alternate lunges and inverted rows make up for his Wednesday and Saturday workout routine.

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