Fuller House Star Candace Cameron Bure’s Rope Workout Burns Fat Fast; Spends One Hour in the Gym

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Candace Cameron

Photo credit: SH/Splash News

Part of Candace Cameron Bure’s workout routine was recently posted on Instagram; in particular, it consisted of a few different kinds of heavy rope work which she says she both loves and hates. That is, she likely loves how these rope exercise routines help her burn fat but probably doesn’t enjoy the actual practice of swinging them around. Regardless, Candace Cameron Bure’s workouts look pretty intense and help keep the actress looking younger!

Now that the star of Fuller House is 40 she’s all about her fitness and workout sessions, which frequently populate her Instagram feed. Whether she’s going solo or completing gym workouts with friends, Bure’s has shown that being active and fit is a big priority for her.

Candace Cameron Bure’s Diet and Workout Secrets

Along with her busy gym schedule, Bure also adheres to a mostly vegan diet which helps support her healthy lifestyle. She does include egg whites and fish in her diet, but only consumes such foods when vegan options aren’t available.

She gets her protein through nuts, quinoa, seeds, and beans, and avoids dairy altogether. She notes that eliminating dairy from her diet has led to improvements with her chronic stomach issues and reduced the puffiness in her face. She also no longer suffers from chronic coughs and congestion.

But Bure wasn’t always living a healthy life. In fact, the actress had a long battle with bulimia, which began at age 19. Now that Bure has recovered from her eating disorder, she strictly adheres to healthy, wholesome eating and living, and she’s never looked better.

Bure works out five times sessions a week with each gym session typically lasting an hour, though when she partners up with her trainer they can go as long as two hours. Bure’s workouts consist of resistance training, cardiovascular conditioning, and functional movements, and she often uses free weights, gliders, weighted balls, ropes, and her own bodyweight.

Overhead ball toss (12lbs) before boxing class. #Stoked #MakeFitnessFun #LikeAKid #FitMama #Thisis40 @kirastokesfit

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If motivation is an issue for you in your own exercise routines (or lack thereof), try following Bure on Instagram, as many others have. In fact, it’s almost as though the actress is creating something of a movement through the hashtag #ThisIs40, which she often uses in her workout videos. It seems that Bure is trying to show her fans that no matter your age or how busy life may get, you can still get down to the grind and get the body you’ve always wanted.

Bure definitely has her hands full with Fuller House and The View, and she’s also a mother to three children, yet she still finds the time for herself to promote a healthy lifestyle by spending a few hours a week in the gym. As noted in a recent Cosmopolitan story, Candace Cameron Bure makes 40 look like 20!

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