Fuller House Star Jodie Sweetin Posts Photo of Dessert and Coke Dinner on Instagram

Jodie Sweetin
Photo Credit: @Parisa / Splash News

Fuller House star Jodie Sweetin posted a photo of a recent snack on Instagram that included a only dessert and cola drink, jokingly asking her audience if it was an acceptable dinner. The actress is best known for portraying Stephanie Tanner on the popular 1990s family sitcom Full House; it’s a role she reprised in the Netflix revival, Fuller House.

This is an acceptable dinner, right?! ? #setlife #dessertfirst #fullerhouse

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Is Jodie Sweetin’s dinner healthy? Of course not, but it’s not as if she was seriously eating that as a meal. The dinner contains mostly empty carbohydrates and lots of sugar, and is devoid of nutrients. Definitely not something you want to consume on a regular basis.

Sugar Addiction

If you do eat these types of foods all the time, you may have a problem with sugar addiction. Too much sugar can, in a way, take over the brain, leading one to consume more and more sugar. When we eat foods with lots of sugar, a large amount of dopamine is released, and the longer this goes on eventually less and less dopamine is released, so that you need more and more sugar to achieve the same effects. It is, shockingly, quite similar to drug or alcohol addiction.

The brain also helps to regulate weight gain. Overconsumption of sugar and refined carbs will not only lead you to gain weight, but it will also increase your risk of other health problems such as yeast infections, high cholesterol, fatigue, depression, headaches, and high blood pressure.

After Full House ended, Sweetin stepped away from acting, and admittedly struggled with substance abuse, including methamphetamine, cocaine, and ecstasy. She recovered from her drug addiction, and now also works to help others at a drug and alcohol treatment center.

Are Carbs Bad to Eat Before Bed?

Eating carbs at night and before bed can lead to weight gain; in general, it’s best to avoid unhealthy carbohydrates after sunset. That said, certain carbs can help people recover after an evening workout. Healthy carb sources include sweet potatoes, quinoa, and brown rice. In times of inactivity, eating carbs late at night after plenty of carb consumption throughout the day can cause people to gain weight.

Jodie Sweetin’s Diet

Sweetin has also dealt with weight gain throughout her life, especially after giving birth to her daughters Zoie and Beatrix. After her first pregnancy, Sweetin lost weight through the NutriSystem diet regimen, which is a meal delivery service. This diet system helped teach Sweetin about portion control. For breakfast she ate foods such as breakfast burritos, granola cereals, low-calorie muffins, or whole-grain cereals. Lunch for Sweetin included black beans and rice, chicken fajita melts, tuna salad, or chicken soup. Dinner was often an Asian-style beef-and-broccoli stir-fry, or veggies with grilled chicken breasts.

Sweetin also exercised after her pregnancy; in her workout, she included swimming, lunges, and planks, plus abdominal, pectoral, lower back, and calf exercises.

Fuller House star Jodie Sweetin has recovered from her drug addiction and weight issues. Hopefully she doesn’t have a problem with sugar addiction, and doesn’t make it a habit to eat carbs at night. The second season of Fuller House is currently being filmed, and one episode may even feature Sweetin’s daughter Zoie.

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