Game of Throne’s Star Emilia Clarke Loves a ‘Cuppa Tea,’ Follows Healthy Diet to Stay Fit

Photo credit: Frazer Harrison / Staff/Getty

Emilia Clarke, who plays Khaleesi on Game of Thrones, enjoys a cuppa tea as part of her healthy diet. And we have diet and fitness tips for you to follow so that you too can stay in shape like Esquire Magazine’s Sexiest Woman Alive 2015.

Emilia Clarke’s Diet and Fitness Tips

The 29-year-old Clarke appears in several nude scenes in Game of Thrones, so it may be safe to say that she feels comfortable with her vulnerability. Although she admits that filming these scenes was difficult at first, eventually she became more comfortable. She was also only 23 years old when she first began shooting – so young; and so, it makes sense that she felt that way.

More importantly, Clarke makes a point to take care of her body. To prepare for her action-packed role in Terminator: Genisys, Clarke had to adjust her diet. She followed a very strict diet that involved clean eating. Clean eating means avoiding processed and junk foods and anything that is not fresh and whole. Clarke also enjoyed one cup of tea per day, which she drank without sugar or cream.

She also had to perform intense and strenuous workouts at the gym, where she did lots of weight training, cardio, kickboxing, stunt training and shooting guns.

Her Game of Thrones workout includes all of these exercises in addition to lots of squats to tone her thighs and buttocks. Clarke also once shared in an interview that she stopped eating any sugar for three weeks before her final Games of Thrones audition because she wanted to look her best. Clearly she is very committed to her fitness.

Although her exact diet is unknown, as previously mentioned, Emilia Clarke likes to eat clean. This could mean many different things; however, the most obvious is that she would stay away from foods loaded with excess sugar, fat and preservatives. It’s also not a stretch to assume that the actress sticks with eating fresh fruits, vegetables and lean protein.

She may sometimes choose plant-based options as protein sources, since they are high in fiber and help promote a healthy metabolism and digestion. Clarke may also opt for organic food choices, although that is not confirmed. She may eat organic meats like lean beef, chicken or fish. She may also drink green smoothies or juices packed with vitamins and minerals – she does have beautiful and radiant skin.

Overall, Clarke sticks with nutrient-dense food and a regular and consistent workout regimen. Consuming foods in their natural and unprocessed state makes them easier to digest and also much easier for our bodies to absorb the nutrients they offer.

One thing she really seems to enjoy via her Instagram account is a warm cup of tea. Morning tea is a great way to start the day, and for Clarke, it really leaves her glowing and “Rosie.” Sometimes it’s the simple pleasures that are most satisfying.

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