Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan Training Hard to Prepare for The Fall Final Showdown

Gillian Anderson, Jamie Dornan
Photo Credit: Eamonn M. McCormack / Stringer / Getty

The X-Files star Gillian Anderson and Fifty Shades Darker star Jamie Dornan look stunning together in the third season of The Fall. Viewers are expected to be on the edge of their seats for the British serial killer thriller. While the third (and supposed final) season is highly anticipated, both Anderson and Dornan are focused on training and fitness.

Fans are involved in both reel lives and real lives of the stars, and there is a lot of curiosity surrounding their fitness routines. How do Anderson and Dornan remain so fit? What are their fitness secrets? Read on to know more about their diet plan and workout regimen.

Gillian Anderson Diet Plan

Anderson prefers a straightforward diet to stay fit and healthy. The 48-year-old avoids high carbs and tries to eat clean. She accepts that it is difficult for her to eat clean for a long time.

Anderson prefers to maintain a proper diet for looking good. Her diet could include beets, artichokes, fish, wild rice, and sesame broccoli. She is reportedly sensitive to some foods like wheat and admits that she is a dark chocolate lover. She also accepts that Coca-Cola is not good for her, but she likes to have it anyway.

The stunner does not believe in food restrictions. Instead, she prefers to watch the serving size and caloric content. Moderation and balance help her maintain her fitness.

Gillian Anderson Workout

The glamorous starlet is not a workout fanatic and prefers light workouts. This includes Tai Chi, yoga, and hiking. The exact workout regimen of Anderson is not known, but the star admits to occasional workouts.

The mother-of-three likes to exercise and meditate. She begins her day with meditation. Waking up before her kids sets the tone for her day. Anderson believes in self-care, which includes eating healthy, getting ample sleep, and maintaining balance between family, friends, and work.

Jamie Dornan Diet Plan

The Fifty Shades Darker star is admired for his strong arms and sculpted looks. The star’s hyperactive nature helps him maintain his chiseled physique. Dornan doesn’t follow a specific diet. He is a believer of working on the excess fat. His dedicated approach to workouts helps him with his indulgence in foods he likes. This would definitely include his reported preference for regular coke over diet coke.

Jamie Dornan Workout

Dornan is a true believer in workouts. His workout regimen includes press-ups and push-ups that help in building muscles. The handsome hunk likes crunches and performs 12 reps of crunches daily. When not spotted in the gym, the Irish actor is in all possibility participating in sports activities. He plays tennis and is a huge fan of rugby. Sports activities are exhilarating and can help with burning off extra calories.

The 34-year-old actor’s fitness trainer Ramona Braganza shared how the star follows an 80:20 lifestyle. This means that Dornan focused 80 % of his time on working out and dieting, and 20 % time was his cheat days. The training helped the actor in achieving a healthy lifestyle and looking fitter. This was achieved by balancing exercise and nutrition.

Stunning looks and staying fit is easy when you are disciplined about fitness. Anderson and Dornan definitely know this. A well-balanced diet can complement workouts and help you maintain your fitness.

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