“Glee” Star Lea Michele and Cara Santana Show off Their Fit Bodies as They Workout Together: Fitness Secrets Revealed

Lea Michele
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Glee star, Lea Michele, and actress, Cara Santana, look amazingly fit as they workout together. The two stars seem to be having fun and enjoying their new workout routine.

Michele took to Instagram and posted a pic recently with the caption, “New workout obsession! @bodybysimone with this babe @caraasantana.” The stars worked out at celebrity trainer, Simone De La Rue’s studio in Los Angeles. The celebrities proudly donned athletic gear and they looked super fit.

New workout obsession! @bodybysimone ?? with this babe @caraasantana ??

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The Glee star also took to her Twitter account and tweeted, “So much fun trying a new workout today at body by Simon with this babe Cara Santana.”

Workouts can be fun, especially if you are dedicated to exercising like Michele and Santana. Celebrity trainer, De La Rue, believes in making fitness and eating healthy a lifestyle. She has also trained celebrity A-listers like Khloe Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Naomi Watts, and more.

Regardless of the season, when you have your bestie as your fitness buddy, workouts can be fun and Santana knows this. She Instagrammed this video and the caption says it all, “What @LeaMichele And I Lack In Coordination, Agility, Rhythm And Ability // We Make Up With Heart And Soul // @BodyBySimone // @ItsBeccaTobin You Will Be At The Next One.”

Here the stars are seen performing an intense workout, which included jump roping and extended lunges.

Michele does not shy away from posting her workout pics on Instagram and this recent post on her performing Pilates with her bestie Santana proves this. She posted, “Sunday workout w/ @caraasantana LOVING @myhotpilates perfect for detox, toning and stretch!”

Sunday workout w/ @caraasantana LOVING @myhotpilates perfect for detox, toning and stretch! ????

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How do the actresses maintain their physiques? Read on to find out about their workout routine and diet.

Lea Michele’s Workout Routine and Diet

The Glee star believes in working out and confesses, “I’m passionate about working out.” During the filming of her first few seasons of Glee, she said, “you can see that my weight fluctuates a lot because I was really figuring out how to make things work here.” The celebrity likes trying out new workouts and says, “You have to look good, but you also have to feel good.” She adds, “So I find workouts that take care of both those things.” The star’s attitude to fitness is noteworthy.

Michele’s workouts include, hot yoga, hiking, and SoulCycle spin classes. She admits that she finds SoulCycle inspiring and really uplifting. She also includes jump roping and Pilates in her exercises. She is more inclined to outdoor activities like biking and swimming. To incorporate multiplicity in her workouts, she also performs high impact interval and weight training.

When it comes to diet, the star doesn’t deprive herself of anything and says, “I work out really hard and I eat healthy, so I never really feel guilty about the things that I’m eating.” A typical diet would include her favorite breakfast consisting of an avocado toast, or a smoothie. Lunch would consist of a salad, and she may prefer either sushi or a robust meal for dinner. She also likes eating out at LA’s vegan Mexican spot, Gracias Madre, or the organic vegan chain, Real Food Daily. She also admits that a bowl of pasta is one of her favorite meals for dinner.

Cara Santana Workout Routine and Diet

The stunning actress is blessed with good genes, and believes that workouts are necessary to stay in shape. She likes to be disciplined in her workouts and tries to find out routines that she can really enjoy. She likes to incorporate the Tracy Anderson Method in her workouts which includes dancing, a mix of Pilates, and a cardiovascular workout. Her workouts include ab exercises and stretches, and exercises for various parts of her body like biceps, triceps, shoulders, neck, arms, and legs. She also likes outdoor activities and prefers hiking.

When it comes to a diet plan, she doesn’t believe in any limitations. She is driven by healthy food and doesn’t deprive herself of anything. She feels that moderation is important and shared in an interview with Women’s Health, “I think if you exercise and allow yourself to eat what you want, you’re fine.”

A healthy lifestyle is a philosophy worth adopting, and our stunning celebrities, Michele and Santana’s fitness philosophy is inspiring and worth a try.



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