Glee Star Lea Michele’s Beautiful Body & Fitness Secrets: Morning Gym Workout, Yoga, Clean Eating & Much More!

lea michelle
Photo credit: Xavier Collin/Image Press/Splash

Former Glee star Lea Michele spends a lot of her free time doing gym workouts and being active outside. Her beautiful body shows the amount of work she puts into keeping it lean and shapely.

Her Instagram account attests to that much, filled with pics of her doing some kind of fitness activity – from spinning classes and yoga to hiking out in California, her home state.

Michele, 30, is always glowing, and these days she is looking her strongest, happiest, and healthiest. The star attributes her glow to laughter, something that’s been a huge part of her life and career. A new partnership with SunChips for their Waves of Laughter campaign only solidifies how happy and light the star is these days.

The campaign allows people to record their laughter and find their unique “laugh print.” Every time someone shares their laugh, the company donates a dollar to Step Up, a women’s empowerment non-profit group.

Michele’s Diet and Fitness Routine

A healthy, clean diet, but not a restrictive one, is the second key to looking as good as the actress does. She says that she doesn’t really deprive herself, and she doesn’t need to because she works out really hard and eats healthy.

Her favorite breakfast is avocado on toast or a smoothie after an early morning hot yoga or SoulCycle (spinning class) workout. A salad for lunch is typical, and for dinner she likes to have a hearty meal, especially sushi.

One of her favorite places to eat out is a vegan Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles called Gracias Madre; she also enjoys an organic vegan chain called Real Food Daily. But some days a big bowl of pasta hits the spot for her, and she indulges herself guilt-free.

Michele is Italian, so she says that Italian food is her favorite of all. Clean eating is important to her, and she shares as much on her Instagram account.

As for workouts, this actress really likes to do it all and keep it mixed up so she doesn’t get bored. SoulCycle’s indoor cycling classes are a real fun hour for her, and she actually sings out loud for the entire class. She finds the spinning class inspiring and uplifting. Workouts, for her, have to be good for the body, mind, and soul, and the gym doesn’t exactly do that; so she looks for other activities that can.

Most weekends Michele is taking advantage of the glorious weather in Los Angeles by heading out for a hike to TreePeople Park in Beverly Hills; it is one of her favorite destinations for hiking. Besides hiking, Michele loves yoga – hot yoga to be precise – because she thinks it is good for the soul and good for the body.

Even when planning a weekend getaway with her boyfriend, Michele seems to make sure that fitness and being active are on the agenda. Couples that work out and stay active together often stay together longer!

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