Gordon Ramsay Update: Hell’s Kitchen Renewed, New Cookbooks in the Works

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Hell’s Kitchen Season 16

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Hell’s Kitchen host Gordon Ramsay is currently working on not one, but three new cookbooks for publisher Hodder and Stoughton. The first book, Bread Street Kitchen—named after his London restaurant—is set to release in October.

The Fox network celebrity chef is planning to include new recipes taken from and inspired by his restaurant. Ramsay believes that eating as well at home as you do in his restaurants is completely possible, especially with his cookbook on hand. He uses fresh and seasonal ingredients; this makes for recipes that are perfect for the home cook who wants new recipes from breakfast to dinner.

Things are picking up elsewhere for Ramsay as well; his show Hell’s Kitchen has been renewed by Fox for another two seasons. This renewal takes the competition series into its 18th season. It looks like Fox is keeping this chef in the kitchen for a little while longer; and as always, Ramsay is sure to keep things heated.

Fox’s desire to renew the show is not surprising, since it’s done well for the network since day one. Viewers can’t get enough of the chef’s crazy, hot headed antics and outbursts; they also love his soft heart that always seems to shine through.

Gordon Ramsay

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Fans can look forward to the upcoming Hell’s Kitchen season 16, and can create their own hell’s kitchen after trying out some of the recipes from the three cookbooks he has lined up for release.

A nationwide casting call for season 17 begins September 12 in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and New York, and then moves to Chicago and Dallas on September 16. Season 16 is set to premier on September 23.

Chef Ramsay’s Cookbooks

Gordon Ramsay has already released three cookbooks, not including the upcoming Bread Street Kitchen, which will come out this fall.

In Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Home Cooking, readers will discover a collection of over 120 recipes that are infused with Gordon’s expertise and skill. The cookbook is separated into chapters, ranging from weekday breakfasts to Saturday night dinners—he helps you plan an entire day’s worth of meals, which can be helpful for those who are too busy to sit and plan a weekly meal schedule without any help.

Ramsay keeps his rules simple because he believes that home cooking should be easy and fast, without sacrificing taste.

In Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course, he shows readers how to get cooking the right way and provides easy instructions that will instill confidence in even the most inexperienced of at-home cooks.

He wanted to give readers 120 simple and accessible recipes—the ultimate cooking bible—that stripped away the complexity associated with cooking and made easy-to-understand instructions so everyone could succeed at preparing tasty, home cooked meals.

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