Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Upton, Zoe Saldana’s Diet and Workout Pays Off: The Stars Look Stunning at LACMA Gala

Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Upton, Zoe Saldana’s Diet and Workout Pays Off: The Stars Look Stunning at LACMA Gala
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Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Upton, and Zoe Saldana flaunted their enviable physiques at LACMA Gala. Upton looked magnetic as she posed with her fiancé and baseball star Justin Verlander. The Oscar winner, Paltrow, showcased her toned legs in a short black dress, while the Avatar star, Saldana, wore a pale pink chiffon dress with all sorts of creatures on it.

Let’s peek into the celebrities healthy diets and workout routines.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Diet and Workout Routine

Paltrow, 44, believes in working out for an hour for four days a week, but insists that the workout must coincide with the amount of calories you consume. Having a goal is mind is necessary to motivate you in the long run. Paltrow feels that women should not lift weights heavier than three pounds, as more weight will give them a muscular look rather than toning their body.

Each morning, Paltrow has green tea followed by protein shakes made up of almond milk, supplements, and blueberries. Post workout she has kale juice, followed by a low carb lunch.

She loves to eat lemon-grilled chicken with steamed vegetables or a vegetable salad.

Kate Upton’s Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Upton works out for one to two hours in the gym for five days a week. She focuses on strength-based circuit training when she works with weights. Her personal trainer, Ben Bruno, makes her work with progressive overload to help her build gradually. Bruno claims that Upton is stronger than some of the athletes he’s trained, and says that she can do a deadlift over 200 lbs., do bear crawls with 300 lbs., and do sled pushes with 500 lbs.

While people may feel Upton is lucky to have been blessed with a svelte physique, her trainer told EOnline that it is her dedication and consistency that help her stand out from the crowd.
She follows a healthy diet of lean proteins, fruits, and veggies. She loves to eat salad with chicken and turkey meatballs.

Zoe Saldana Diet Plan Workout Routine

Saldana starts her day with mashed avocados and sliced tomatoes on toast. On the sets of Guardians, she was seen sipping green-juices. She says that if she eats healthy for four days a week, it is absolutely fine to indulge in pizza, dim sum, or fish and chips.

“I am going to remove the word ‘diet’ from my life. I am going to remind myself that it is not about losing weight, it is about being healthy, feeling healthy, for the rest of my life,” she wrote on Facebook. “I am gonna try to focus on what weekends are really for—resting and making time for your loved ones … And when chow time arrives? I will make amazing and healthy decisions. ”

Saldana and her family are 80% gluten-free. “[My husband] Marco is Italian, and there are certain things about his culture that he doesn’t want to part with, like the pasta and the breaded meats,” she told Bon Appetit.

Her post-workout meal is protein packed and mostly includes grilled honey ginger chicken, quinoa, and zucchini. Popcorn is her favorite late night snack and it helps her avoid heavy meals. “Popcorn caters to all of my senses before I go to bed,” she told Bon Appetit.

Saldana travels to different regions and gets to taste a variety of foods. She is a big foodie and cannot stop herself from trying different cultural meals. But she also balances her love for food with immense workouts. She loves Pilates; it helps her lose pounds effectively and gain flexibility, endurance, and muscle strength in the butt, back, abs, and legs. She gets bored of the same exercises and lets her trainer, Steve Moyer, bring variety into her workout routine.


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