Halle Berry Weight Loss, Diabetes Treatment: Kidnap Actor Credits Healthy Lifestyle, Low Carb Diet

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Halle Berry

Photo credit: Splash News

Halle Berry looks amazing at 50 years old thanks to her healthy lifestyle. She is one of the sexiest actors in Hollywood: she’s fit and healthy and it’s hard not to notice her incredible physique.

Her weight loss routine helped her deal with a Type 1 diabetes diagnosis, and it’s easier than you think: it starts with a low-carb diet.

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Halle Berry’s Weight Loss Secrets

Berry follows a low carb diet to help control her Type 1 diabetes, which occurs where the body’s immune system attacks the pancreas. Since the immune system attacks the cells that are meant to regulate blood sugar, those cells are no longer available to do their job and a person’s blood sugar will fluctuate.

As glamorous as Halle Berry is, she has had to deal with this condition since she was 19.

She manages it by making her diet high in protein and green leafy vegetables. Some protein options Berry chooses include eggs, salmon, and chicken.

Following a high protein diet such as the Paleo diet or the Atkins diet are actually proven to help treat diabetes—so much so that one can go with no medication. In fact, dietary restrictions like eliminating carbohydrates is the first line of defense against treating the condition.

Following a high protein diet is not only for people with diabetes though—many celebrities avoid excess carbohydrates, as they are converted into sugar and then into fat when eaten in excess.


Halle Berry’s Exercise Routine

To achieve her amazing body (and toned abs), Halle Berry does daily exercises.

Although the list of exercises is unknown, Berry does focus on her core. She exercises with her trainer, Nat Bardonnet, who was featured on Berry’s Instagram a few months back doing some high five planks (another incredible abs exercise).

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Her trainer, Bardonnet, shares one popular move that she does with the actor and it’s called “The Rocky”. This move targets the entire abs area—oblique, low and middle. It lengthens the core and adds definition.

Berry does three sets of the exercise and as many reps as she can within one minute, and she does this three times per week. After about five weeks of this, her core is tight and toned.

To perform the exercise, lie with your face upwards on a bench, holding on tightly with legs together and raised to the ceiling at about 90 degrees. You can also do this on the floor, just be sure to anchor yourself with a piece of furniture.

Use your core strength to lift your butt off the bench and then slowly lower it down, followed by your legs, bringing it down to a 30-degree angle. Ensure your lower back is pressed firmly into the bench and raise your legs up. Come back to start and repeat.

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