Halloween Party Food Ideas: Six Spooky Food Ideas for Your 2017 Halloween Party

Halloween Party Food Ideas
Credit: istockphoto.com/NoDerog

Having a 2017 Halloween party means you need Halloween party food ideas that will wow your guests. Any reason to get together with friends and family is a good reason because our lives are so busy, we often forget to take time to just relax with those we care about.

So, take this Halloween weekend as an opportunity to have people over and share some spooky food that will taste spooktacular.

Having a Halloween party doesn’t have to be time-consuming, like say a Christmas dinner would be. In fact, it’s a perfect chance to feed guests a buffet style meal made up of appetizers and finger foods.

There are so many ways to make food creepy and themed just right. Really, just use your imagination and get creative. Below are a few suggestions for your Halloween 2017 party.

Six Halloween Food Ideas Guests Will Love to Eat

Grape skewers. Kids love grapes as do adults. The trick to making these fun for Halloween is to dab a bit of frosting on each grape and then apply two mini chocolate chips to each for eyes.

Fill a wooden skewer with about five grapes and then place on a platter with other fruit that hasn’t been fancied up for the party. The center of the platter can be filled with a bowl of fruit dip, like a simple vanilla yogurt.

Hummus and vegetables are a good healthy addition to any party food table. Kids love dippable food and hummus if made without garlic, is a relatively easy dip to eat and make.

Buy little pita pockets as well to dip in the hummus. It is hard to decorate a hummus dip to look spooky so here is where you choose a bowl that is on point for the day. Local dollar stores have lots of houseware items themed for the day and for super cheap.

Rice crispy treats are a familiar favorite among kids and adults and are a fun Halloween food as well. These are easy to make and snazzy for Halloween.

Add a few drops of orange dye to the mixture and then decorate with candy pieces (used for cookie decorating so go to that aisle in the grocery store) shaped like spiders and ghosts.

A fun element to add to your fruit platter of grapes (above) is make some ghost bananas and orange pumpkins. Take a banana and cut it in half. Then with some chocolate frosting that’s been set up in a proper piping bag, pipe on a face to make the banana look like a ghost.

For the oranges, simply peel mini oranges, such as a clementines, and poke the center with a small piece of celery for a stem. Decorate the platter with some webbing that can be purchased at a store that sells Halloween items.

It may not be spooky in and of itself, but a hearty pot of chili is an ideal food to have for a buffet style dinner and most people enjoy a bowl of this comforting dish. You can skip the beans if you want it guaranteed kid-friendly, or make two versions: one with beans and one without.

Be sure to serve with fresh buns or cornbread and have bowls of shredded cheese, sour cream, and green onions out for toppings. The display table where the chili sits can be decorated in a Halloween theme, so buy disposable bowls that have ghosts or something Halloween-themed on them.

No Halloween 2017 party is complete without some kind of gruesome body part on display, and bloody fingers are perfect. These are made from hot dogs that have pieces of onion at the top (stuck on with ketchup) and have ketchup dabbed on at the bottoms to achieve the bloodied effect.


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