Harry Potter Star Emma Watson Reveals Beauty Secrets, Follows Healthy Diet and Fitness Regime to Stay in Shape

Emma Watson
Photo Credit: Splash News

Harry Potter star Emma Watson is not only a superb actress, but she is also a humanitarian and equal-rights activist.

She was appointed as the United Nations Women Goodwill Ambassador in the summer of 2014 and has been empowering women ever since.

She is a model of courage and determination for women around the world, and kicking inequality’s butt has never looked so good.  So, what is the Emma Watson diet plan and how does she stay healthy?

The Emma Watson Diet

Watson’s diet is pretty relaxed, but it is also low in saturated fat and sodium. Watson mostly avoids junk food, too.

Eating a diet rich in lean protein, vegetables, and fruit is the key to her health. The exact foods in her diet are unknown but it’s not a stretch to assume it may include things like spinach, broccoli, and grilled chicken or fish.

One thing is for sure: Watson still has her cheat days. She might indulge in some chocolate, pizza, pasta, or a bagel. She also enjoys baking. Overall, Watson’s diet is high in fiber and has an equal balance of carbohydrates and protein.

The Emma Watson Fitness Regimen

Although Emma Watson’s current weight is unknown, she maintains her fit figure with a workout plan that includes lots of cardio.

Because she prefers exercising outdoors, she might do some running, hill walking, or even field hockey to get moving. She also does sprint running, Pilates, and weight lifting five times per week.

The benefits of Pilates include increased concentration, body control, core strength, and flexibility. Weight lifting after a warm-up helps to build muscle and keep the body toned. It’s also great for boosting the metabolism.

Sprint running strengthens the immune system and cardiovascular system. It also boosts metabolism and endurance.

Emma Watson’s Beauty Secrets

What’s the scoop on Watson’s beauty secrets? Well, she’s got quite a few:

  • Watson loves to keep quality makeup and nail polish products on hand by brands like Lancôme, Kiehl’s, Giorgio Armani, and Essie
  • She adores lipstick and always carries the color red in her purse, along with a lip balm
  • Her secret to glowing, clear skin is keeping her stress levels in check and doing things that make her happy—that shows up on your face!
  • She is an advocate for wearing sunscreen
  • She believes in a good skin-care regimen and almost always removes her makeup before bed. She considers that her number one beauty rule
  • To unwind after a long day, Watson enjoys a long bath

Emma Watson’s beauty, diet, and fitness secrets are easy to follow. A healthy diet low in saturated fat and high in fiber and fresh fruit, vegetables, and lean protein keeps her fit.

A workout plan with outdoor cardio, weight training, and Pilates keeps her figure tight and toned. Her beauty secrets keep her skin glowing and her features popping.

All this contributes to Watson feeling good from the inside out so she can shine in her acting and humanitarian work.