Hell’s Kitchen Season 16 on Fox: Return of Gordon Ramsay with 18 New Aspiring Chefs

Photo credit: Fox
Hell’s Kitchen Season 16

Photo credit: Fox

The popular cooking show Hell’s Kitchen is back for Season 16 and is set to premiere on September 23, 2016 on Fox.

The trio—Gordon Ramsay, Marino Monferrato, and Aaron Mitrano—will head the culinary contest. Ramsay has always been a proficient judge and a great guide to chef’s on the reality cooking shows MasterChef and Hell’s Kitchen.

Ramsay is an expert cook, knows a ton of cooking techniques, and has a loaded bag of tips and tricks to turn a bland dish into a savory one. He has long inspired viewers to explore and experiment with cooking.

To win the aspiring Hell’s Kitchen title, the contestants will have to go through a number of challenges and dinner services.

Hell’s Kitchen Season 15 Finale Recap

On Season 15’s finale, the two chefs—Kristin Barone and Ariel Malone—were instructed to prepare a steak dish in forty minutes. The panel of judges included Executive Chef Ari Rosenson as a special guest judge, who worked for CUT Beverly Hills.

To reveal the winner, Chef Ramsay told Kristin and Ariel to open their respective doors at the same time. As soon as they opened the door, the winner was revealed.

It was Ariel.

New Twists for Season 16

Season 16 is promising to be more exciting than the previous ones! The chefs find themselves in a U.S. military boot camp where they`ll face a slew of new challenges. They have to prove their commitment to cooking and demonstrate their recipes in the Hell`s Kitchen.

The chefs are divided into two teams, red for women, blue for men, and are asked to cook a yet-to-be-revealed dish.

There will be five chefs from Pennsylvania participating in this new season.

Aziza Young (Harrisburg) and Heather Williams (Easton) are sporting red, while Andrew Pearce (Prospect Park), Johnny McDevitt (Philadelphia), and Genaro Delillo (Lebanon) are on the blue team. In total, there will be 18 contestants.

The 18 contenders have to sustain Ramsay’s appetizing challenges, and will have to face new and exciting physical, mental, and emotional challenges. They will be under the direct supervision of Ramsay, who will be judging and guiding them every step of the way.

Throughout Season 16, the stress levels will be at an all-time high, and there will be excitement and unpredicted shocks. Every week, some of the chefs will be knocked out.

The winner of Hell’s Kitchen will be honored with a Head Chef position at Yardbird Southern Table & Bar at The Venetian Las Vegas.

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