Herr Foods Issues Double Chocolate Waffle Recall Over Undeclared Allergen

Recall Alert
Photo: Waffle Works Double Chocolate Waffle Sandwiches, Source: FDA

The four ounce packages of Waffle Works Double Chocolate Waffle Sandwiches, from Herr Foods, have been recalled due to an undeclared milk allergen. Herr Foods has issued the recall voluntarily and says no other products have been affected.

Although there have been no reported allergic reactions or illnesses to date, reactions could be triggered in anyone with a milk sensitivity who eats the products.

Anyone without a milk allergy will be able to eat the waffle sandwiches normally.

Unlike recalls where cross-contamination or outright mislabeling is the trigger, this is a case of inadvertent omission. Regulation requires all potential allergens to be disclosed on the packaging and it appears that milk was left off of the list for this particular batch of waffle sandwiches, identifiable by UPC number 7260009207 and Herr’s Product Code 9207. The lot number is found on the front of the package on the middle right-hand side and the UPC number can be found in the lower right-hand corner of the back panel of the package.

Herr Foods Recall

Photo: Waffle Works Double Chocolate Waffle Sandwiches, Source: FDA

Disclosure of potential allergens is always required even if the allergen is seemingly obvious. This is why there have been somewhat amusing incidents in the past where, for instance, herring fillets have been recalled for not declaring themselves as containing fish.

Herr Foods is advising consumers with milk allergies to not eat the waffle sandwiches and if they have an affected product they should return it to the retailer for a full refund. Herr Foods is currently working with its retailers to remove the recalled sandwiches from store shelves. Anyone who has further questions may call 1-800-523-5030 between 9am and 5pm EST on weekdays to receive live assistance.


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