How Sofia Vergara Stays Slim While Still Enjoying Cakes and Christmas Foods

Sofia Vergara at Good Morning America
Photo credit: Jackson Lee / Splash News

Sofia Vergara, best known as the beautiful and hilarious Gloria Pritchett on the Emmy Award winning series Modern Family, loves cakes and doesn’t care who knows it!

The actress often takes to Instagram to post pictures of her favorite desserts, and it leaves us wondering if she’ll be tempted by all of the delicious Christmas food that Christmas 2016 has to offer?

No one can stop me. Im alone. #midulcedeleche #itstheweekend ???

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Despite her apparently relentless sweet-tooth, Vergara has still managed to keep herself in fantastic shape, and sticks to the motto “no pain no cake.”

She’s even had the phrase printed on shirts and sweaters that were sold with a portion of the proceeds going to the Birthday Party Project—an organization that arranges birthday parties for homeless children all across the United States.

We’ve seen the cake, now it’s time to take a look at the pain she goes through to earn her treats.

Sofia Vergara’s Fitness

Vergara trains with renowned celebrity fitness expert Gunnar Peterson, whose list of clients includes other A-listers like Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian, and Jennifer Lopez. Peterson favors using full-body workouts to keep Vergara in her best shape, as they allow her to burn more calories in a shorter amount of time while engaging multiple muscle groups.

For example, he likes to add an arm and core intensive move like a wood chop to a leg toning exercise such as a lunge in order to work the entire body with a single movement. To accentuate Vergara’s natural curves, he also adds a lot of shoulder work to her routine, as building and toning these muscles works to compliment her trim and tiny waist.

Peterson is also aware of how hectic the majority of his clients’ schedules are, and posits that an effective workout can be accomplished in under one hour if done correctly. He recommends a five minute warm-up, 30 minutes of exercises (preferably full body moves so you get the most out of this time), and another five minutes for a cool-down, resulting in just 40 minutes out of your day.

If you really just can’t find a full 40 minutes, he warns against cutting back on your warm-up and instead states that it is better to shorten the actual workout component of your routine so as not to risk injury. Finally, Peterson stresses the importance of keeping your routine fun.

Change it up, try different moves, or add some energy-boosting music to make your time spent exercising more enjoyable. Maintaining a gorgeous figure like Vergara’s is hard work, and it’s important to add some levity to your routine so that you don’t burn out, something the actress clearly agrees with.


Whether your motivation is to lose weight, maintain your figure, or get healthy, Gunnar Peterson’s suggestion of a 40 minute workout is certainly possible, and as his client Sofia Vergara knows, it’s worth a little pain to if it means you get to eat cake!



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