How the 7 Chakra Energies are Affected by What You Eat

How the 7 Chakra Energies are Affected by What You Eat

When you are balanced, how do you feel? Everything just makes sense. You’re eating well. You’re exercising. And you’re enjoying a regular social life with friends and family.

Would you believe that there’s a connection between the colors of the rainbow, food, and your energy levels? Chakras are a seven-point energy system that runs through the midline of the body, according to Hindu metaphysical, yogic, tantric, and other belief systems.

Each chakra point is located at a different place of the body, starting at the base of the spine and flowing to the top of the head. When the chakras are balanced, energy can flow through very easily and without effort. When any of the energy systems are blocked, this can lead to illness and disease.

It’s important to note that yellow, green, and blue foods are the most balancing for the body and your energy levels. Try to get an abundance of those color foods.

We should limit red, orange, indigo, and violet food colors, while still balancing differently colored food for good health. Color therapy and the chakras are a concept foreign to many in Western society; however, if you feel out of balance, it might be beneficial to eat healthy foods that represent the colors of the rainbow.

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