Hugh Jackman Birthday: Logan celebrates with cake, big breakfast, Zac Efron instagrams best wishes

Hugh Jackman
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Were you aware that the calories you consume on your birthday don’t show up on your body? Birthday breakfast calories don’t count, according to Hugh Jackman.

Born on October 12, 1968, the handsome hunk turned 48 on Wednesday. The actor Instagrammed his big breakfast, which included a plate full of muffins and donuts. He also shared a picture of his delicious birthday cake.

Birthday breakfast calories don't count!!!! I read that somewhere so … it's definitely true!

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THANK YOU …. for the love and birthday wishes!

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His pals Zac Efron and Ryan Reynolds also sent him birthday wishes on social media. Deborra-Lee Furness’s husband, Jackman, revealed that Logan will be his next and last film as Wolverine.

Jackman’s Diet

Jackman has six-to-seven meals a day. His trainer, Mike Ryan, doesn’t recommend you copy someone else’s diet plan to get into shape.

He tells people to customize their diet plans according to their likes and dislikes, but make sure to stick to basic dieting rules. Some of which include consuming proteins from natural and unprocessed sources. Make a six-meal-per-day plan, rather than having three heavy meals. Drink tons of water and keep away from foods that guarantee to be 99% fat-free.

A good quality protein is very important if you’re working out. If you can’t get it from natural sources, go for supplements. He makes sure Jackman has plenty of amino acids before and after training. At night, he has a slow-acting protein like cottage-cheese.

Jackman’s Workout

Jackman revealed his intense workout for his role as Wolverine. He works out from 60 to 90 minutes a day, including a warm-up and cardio session. Prior to a weightlifting session, he does a ten-minute cardio warm-up, and concludes it with 20 minutes of cardio.

He works on his core with core bodybuilding moves like squats, deadlifts, and presses; he changes it up by switching the angles on the bench, playing with the tempo, weight, time, and rest. One day he focuses on his chest and triceps, while another day he’ll focus on his back and biceps.

Mike Ryan’s Tips for a Ripped Shape

Focus on each muscle and don’t just think of finishing the set. Train in the morning rather than in the afternoon or evening. It’s the best way to intensify the acts. Warm up before doing weights.

Track your progress in a diary and go for progressive overload—keep on increasing the load gradually. Mix up the workouts and change the tempo, speed, incline, and grip to ensure you are not doing the same movements repeatedly.

Don’t exert yourself beyond your limit. Know your capabilities and what your body can cope with. Working with a trainer will help motivate you. Sleep for at least seven to eight hours.

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