Idris Elba Sleeps Less and Eats Midnight Snacks, But Still Looks Great with Lean Body

Photo Credit: Richard Buxo / Splash News
Idris Elba

Photo Credit: Richard Buxo / Splash News

Idris Elba is a successful British actor known for big-screen roles in movies such as Thor, American Gangster, Prometheus, and Pacific Rim.

In most of his roles, the 43-year-old is required to be in great shape with a lean body. He is grateful for all his on-screen success, but he does feel a little burnt out.

Elba is always working and creating. In 2016 alone, Elba has five film roles, including A Hundred Streets and Bastille Day, and he has voice roles in Finding Dory, Zootopia, and The Jungle Book. He even did his own stunts for Bastille Day. Oh yeah, and Elba is a DJ in his spare time.

“It’s unhealthy to have that much going on,” explains Elba. “I don’t want to sound ungrateful or anything, but I sleep less, I’m constantly thinking, I’m constantly multitasking, and I really don’t know what the effects are going to be when I’m older.”

Elba also admittedly enjoys midnight snacks like a “Snickers” bar. He also says he is good at making toast. His diet plan includes oatmeal and eggs for breakfast, and then a small lunch and large dinner.

How Does Idris Elba Keep His Body Fit and Healthy?

Although his diet plan seems subpar, his workout routine makes up for it. Elba’s favorite type of workout allows the actor to break a sweat while skipping.

“I like to skip,” says Elba. “Ten minutes of skipping is a lot of work, believe it or not. Your whole body’s going and you break a sweat very quickly.”

Elba trains consistently when preparing for film or TV roles. After all, he needs to do something to maintain his lean body and chiseled physique. He has been doing kickboxing and Muay Thai since he was 25 years old. Although he has never been a professional fighter, the exercise keeps him in shape. He also enjoys running to stay in good physical condition.

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