Inside Lea Michele’s Home: Scream Queens Star’s “Healing Home” is Reflective of Healthy Lifestyle

Lea Michele
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Scream Queens Star Lea Michele loves her healing home and eating healthy food. Indeed, these fabulous parts of her life give her a sense of comfort and nurturing.

It can be pretty overwhelming living in Hollywood, so Michele decided to purchase a four bed, 4 bath contemporary home in Brentwood, Los Angeles. The home is “far away from people” and allows Michele to enjoy the mountains, nature, and get some much-needed quiet.

The home features hardwood floors, canyon views, a pool, a hot tub, and a two story workout room that suits Michele’s love of fitness—yep, she doesn’t have to leave the house to go to the gym. Read on to find out all the ways Lea Michele embraces healthy living.

Lea Michele’s “Healing” Healthy Lifestyle

Glee” star Lea Michele paid $2.99 million for her new “healing” home – located far from all the chaos of the Hollywood scene.

The actress described her life in Hollywood as “suffocating,” and decided to upgrade her living situation so she could embrace more nature. She currently lives in a “spacious” and “green” space, which has become her oasis.

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It includes a saltwater pool, which Michele will probably go swimming in regularly. This beautiful ambiance is perfect for a self-described home body.

Lea Michele admits she is not one for partying, and her ideal night would be hanging out at home with the ones she loves most. Of course, throwing in a bottle of red wine doesn’t hurt, and neither does enjoying a healthy meal.

So, how does Lea Michele stay fit, healthy, and happy? Here are some of the things that keep her going strong.

Laughing: Despite all that Michele has gone through, an important part of her life is ensuring she can laugh! And seriously, they don’t say “laughter is the best medicine” for nothing.

Michele recently paired up with SunChips for their Waves of Laughter campaign, where people can find their laugh print by recording their laugh on the online “Laughalizer.” For every shared result, SunChips donates $1 to Step-Up, a women’s empowerment non-profit.

Healthy, non-restrictive diet: Michele sticks to a healthy diet and exercise regimen. She begins her day with avocado on toast, or a smoothie. Afterwards, she does a SoulCycle workout, or hot yoga. She will eat a delicious salad for lunch every day, switching it up for variety.

She likes to eat sushi or Mexican food for dinner. She also enjoys vegan food from Real Food Daily. She admits that, because of her Italian heritage, her all-time favorite food is Italian food, especially a big bowl of pasta. She tries to keep it to a minimum though, sticking to healthy food most of the time.

Exercising mind, body and soul: Michele says that her favorite workouts are the ones that uplift her spirit and make her feel good in body, mind, and soul.

One of her absolute favorites is a SoulCycle class, where she will sing out loud the whole way through. She sticks to workouts that make her feel inspired.

Get outside your comfort zone sometimes: That is different for everyone, but for Lea Michele it meant taking a short trip all on her own.

She ventured to Santa Barbara, and says that doing that made her step out of her comfort zone and was a “life-changing experience”. It was something she wanted to do before she turned 30, and she accomplished it.