Irina Shayk & Kate Middleton Have Fitness Routine in Common as Well as Engagement Ring

Irina Shayk & Kate Middleton Have Fitness Routine in Common As Well As Engagement Ring
(Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Victoria's Secret)

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and model Irina Shayk seem to have more in common than their beautifully slim figures. Shayk recently stepped out wearing what is rumored to be an engagement ring that closely resembles Middleton’s famous ring from 2010, while her fitness routine and diet are similar to those favored by the Duchess.

Diet? What Diet?

Neither Middleton nor Shayk are fans of calorie-restricting diets. Instead, both prefer to focus on the nutritional values of the foods they eat rather than the caloric significance. For Middleton, this means basing meals around lean proteins, seafood, and a variety of vegetables while still allowing herself to indulge occasionally. When the Duchess treats herself, it is often with sugary candies, potato chips, and even cured meats like salami.

Shayk views eating with the same mindset, finding the most value in balance. The model does not diet, instead insisting on eating healthy, well-balanced meals rich in vitamins and nutrients to help her look and feel her best. Shayk makes sure to keep hydrated, constantly drinking water throughout her busy days. She prefers to fill up on healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, fiber-rich breads, and tofu. Shayk also agrees with Middleton’s allowance to treat herself, favoring junk foods like pizza, cakes, and ice cream when she wants to indulge.

What about Exercise?

Shayk and Middleton also share a similar approach to their exercise routines. Both women place a lot of value on cardio and enjoy outdoor activities to help them keep slim. Middleton likes to go for runs outside when she’s at home and also gets her cardio fix by rowing. While on holiday, she keeps active by participating in climate appropriate sports—skiing where there is snow and swimming where there is heat. She also enjoys yoga as both a way to stay fit and de-stress from her undoubtedly hectic schedule.

Shayk also enjoys running and often begins and ends her workouts with the exercise. She participates in cycling and boxing as well, two highly intensive cardio exercises that help to burn fat and tighten her tummy. Similarly to Middleton, Shayk often follows a Pilates routine to help her relax while toning her muscles. Where the two women differ is in their preferences regarding weight training. Shayk prefers to exclude weights from her workouts entirely so as not to gain muscle mass, while Middleton often incorporates some form of weight training into her cardio routines.

So, want to look like a Duchess? How about a model? If you follow Kate Middleton’s and Irina Shayk’s similar diet and exercise routines, then you’ll see that two of the keys to getting there are a balanced and healthy diet as well as tons of cardio, (although a gorgeous ring couldn’t hurt either).


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