Irina Shayk Shares Chocolate Chip Cookies Pic: Bradley Cooper’s Partner Does Pilates to Stay in Shape

Irina Shayk at the Vogue Foundation Gala in Paris, France. Credit: Splash News.

Russian supermodel, Irina Shayk, has an enviable stellar body. She is blessed with great genes, but she likes to diet and workout to stay in shape. So, what does being sexy mean to her? She shares with Celebrity Health and Fitness, “My definition of sexy is very simple: You need to be yourself, natural, the way you are.”

The supermodel believes in eating what she likes, and her recent pic of chocolate chips cookies on Instagram possibly hints at an indulgence.


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You can indulge in your favorite chocolate chips cookies if you plan to workout like her. Bradley Cooper’s girlfriend, Shayk, likes to focus on Pilates as a part of her workout routine. She also believes in eating what she likes, “I believe in eating what I like and sweating it out in the gym,” she shares.

How does the supermodel stay in shape? Read on to find out more.

Staying in Shape Like Irina Shayk

Shayk does not shy away from revealing her body and is happy to be photographed as proven by the pics posted on her Instagram account. This YouTube video featuring Shayk from the Tahiti SI Swimsuit 2016 (behind the scenes) shoot, reveals her amazing bikini body. The supermodel believes that it is important to take care of the body which is possible through workouts and diet plan.

Irina Shayk Workout Routine

The supermodel works out every day to stay in shape. She believes it could be any form of exercise such as hitting the gym, swimming, walking in a park, or Pilates. She avoids heavy workouts that make the body muscular and instead focuses on activities like running, boxing, cycling, and Pilates.

Her daily exercises would include jogging (15 minutes), followed by a cardio workout (one hour with an interval of 30 minutes), and a combination of boxing and Pilates. Fitness experts believe that cardio exercises help with burning fat and the combination of exercises has helped the supermodel sculpt her bikini-ready body.

Shayk believes in pushing herself to be better and says, “I’m this kind of girl that wants to be better every time, that’s why I push myself so much to go to the gym.” Her personal trainer helps her with her workouts. Experts believe that boxing also helps with anger management and Shayk shares, “Sometimes I wake up and I’m angry and I go and do boxing because it really helps take all your anger out.”

Irina Shayk Diet Plan

Shayk does not believe in dieting, and she likes to eat what she really likes. She confesses that she loves eating and that includes her beloved foods chicken and hamburgers. She likes to treat herself with an occasional pizza, ice cream, or cake. Even with an occasional indulgence, she believes that eating healthy is important. She feels that when you are eating unhealthy foods, it is important to motivate yourself to work out.

Her beauty secrets include sleep, lots of water, and regular spa treatments. She consumes a lot water, whole fruits, and vegetables. Her general diet would include breads high in fiber, tofu, skimmed milk, and clear soups. She also likes to have citrus juices which are a good source of Vitamin C and good for her skin.

Irina Shayk’s insights on motivating yourself to work out and eat reasonably is significant and worth adopting.



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