Irina Shayk Turns 31! What Makes Bradley Cooper’s Partner Sport Model Body despite Pregnancy

Irina Shayk Pregnant: Soon-to-Be Father Bradley Cooper Looks Fit amid Model’s Pregnancy News
(Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Actor Bradley Cooper’s girlfriend and supermodel, Irina Shayk, turns 31 years-old today and there are more reasons for her to be happy. The famous Victoria’s Secret Angel, Irina has not been doing the catwalk for some time now and, there is a very good reason for it. Shayk is allegedly pregnant with Cooper’s child.

A chic and casual Shayk was spotted yesterday (January 5) shopping around Los Angeles. In a pair of black and orange striped jogging pants teamed with maroon silk pajama top, Shayk looked relaxed and lovely. The loosely fitted top was a successful tactic used by the brunette supermodel as it conveniently concealed her pregnancy.

What is most striking, is that how a pregnant Irina Shayk still manages to look super hot. Maybe it’s in her genes, but the leggy model also works out out hard to maintain her figure. Keep reading to know the secrets behind her incredible body.


Irina Shayk’s Workout Routine

Irina Shayk says she doesn’t like the skinny model body look and strives for a toned look instead. The model avoids exercises that give the body a muscular look. Sticking to her trainer’s advice, Shayk avoids heavy workouts like exercising with weights above five pounds, kettle balls, lunges, and jumps and uses her own body weight while working out. She is a huge fan of Pilates and loves to do Pilates machine exercises.

Shayk starts her day with a 15-minute jog. This warm up session is followed by cardio sessions which include cycling, running, and boxing for an hour, with an interval of 30 minutes.

In addition to the fat burning cardio sessions, she uses a combination of Pilates and boxing to keep herself “bikini ready.”

Irina Shayk’s Diet Plan

Irina Shayk tries to maintain a fine balance between her diet and her workout. She is strictly against crash diets and believes in eating whatever she likes, but then again, she isn’t lazy to sweat it out. She says she occasionally enjoys desserts and cakes.

When not eating decadent foods, Irinia Shayk’s meals consist of whole fruits and vegetables, high-fiber bread, skimmed milk, tofu, and clear soups. Shayk loves to drink citrus juices which is her main source of vitamin C and ensures she keeps herself well hydrated to maintain her radiant skin and lustrous hair.




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