Irina Shayk’s Abs: Is Bradley Cooper’s Girlfriend Pregnant or Does She Have an Amazing Fitness Routine?

Irina Shayk
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Irina Shayk‘s  fans are sure to be stunned by her appearance on two different covers for Vogue Brazil, especially after she is speculated to be pregnant. Bradley Cooper‘s girlfriend showed off her flat abs in a multicolored cut-out swimsuit as she posed for Vogue.

In another pic she flaunted her honed figure in a striped crop top.

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So amid her pregnancy news, one wonders how it is that she manages to flaunt that flat stomach. Her fans are sure to be curious about her abs workout. Read on to know her fitness secrets.

Irina Shayk’s Fitness Secrets

Irina Shayk doesn’t wish to have a skinny body, but she works out to look toned and feel healthy. She is so dedicated to workouts that she heads to the gym five times a week.

She believes that while a good body can be inherited, it is also necessary to take care of it by keeping laziness at bay. She avoids working with weights above five pounds and adores exercises that give her a flat tummy. She also avoids kettle ball, lunges, and jumps.

Her workout begins with a 15-minute jog followed by an hour-long cardio session comprised of cycling, running, and boxing with an interval of 30 minutes. She mixes up the exercises so that her body doesn’t become adapted to the routine.

Her trainer of eight years, Justin Gelband, plans her workouts using common hotel props while she is traveling.
“I’m in hotel rooms most of the time, and it can be hard to find a hotel with a nice gym,” Shayk shared with the fashion magazine. “It was important for me to have a workout I could do in my room.”

Her hotel room workouts are as below:

Place your hands against a table and stand on the tip of your toes, taking a plank position. Pull your right arm backwards, and point your elbow towards the ceiling.

Twist your body into a side plank and use your abs for stability. Turn back towards the table and repeat with your left arm. Perform 15 to 20 reps.

Stand straight and place your left leg behind you on the bed with your toe pointed. Take a pillow to balance. Bend your right knee and lean your torso slightly forward.

Lift up your left leg slowly and tap it on the bed before lifting it again. Perform 15 to 20 reps, then switch sides

Hold a pillow close to your chest and place your left leg behind you on the bed. Bend the right knee until you are in a slight forward lunge and push the pillow straight out in front of you. Then return to the starting position. Perform 15 to 20 reps, then switch sides.

Irina Shayk’s Healthy Diet

Irina Shayk spends a long time shooting on the beaches, so she consumes a lot of water and citrus juices for hydration. Water also makes her look fresh and radiant.

She is not a fan of eating out but prefers cooking by herself. She heads to the local Russian market to get some clean and fresh ingredients for cooking.

She loves to eat pelmen (which are dumplings consisting of a filling wrapped in thin, unleavened dough) and treats herself to pizza, ice cream, and cakes. She also ensures she doesn’t over indulge and sticks to a portion-controlled diet.

She says she doesn’t believe in dieting but eats healthy. She opts for breads high in fiber, skimmed milk, tofu, and clear soups. Fruits and veggies constitute a large part of her diet.

Her fitness routine looks pretty simple and is a must try!

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