Is Gisele Bundchen Trying to Keep Fit through Pregnancy or Christmas Food?

Is Gisele Bundchen trying to keep Fit through Pregnancy or Christmas Food?
(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady are so hot that people across America are hoping for another little baby; rumors that Gisele Bundchen’s pregnant might be the Christmas gift gossip and football fans have been waiting for.

A Baby Bump?

Rumors of a baby bump on a recent trip to Rio de Janeiro have the gossipers doing what they do best. While rumors compete between whether there’s a baby in there or she just ate too much at dinner, I think it only makes sense there could be another little Brady/Bundchen on the way; and because the rest of Bundchen looked fit as ever, it’s pretty likely her family’s about to get a bit bigger.

Staying In Shape

The mother of two has continued with an active lifestyle and intense workout schedule. She focuses heavily on aerobics exercises like boxing, kung fu, or Muay Thai up to five times a week while sticking to lower intensity workouts—including yoga—twice a week. Exercising seven days a week is impressive for anybody, let alone a mother of two who’s expecting another. To get an idea of a boxing workout Bundchen would do, check out this Instagram post she made earlier this month:

These intense workouts are great for incorporating the entire body, heavily engaging the cardio system so you incinerate calories and improve heart health. These workouts are engaging, fun, and exciting and great for anybody who hates the idea of running on a treadmill, swimming lengths in a pool or doing reps upon reps with free weights at the gym. They can also help work muscles and improve power, however, if growing muscle is the goal, they are best used as supplementary methods or as part of your cardio regimen.

It’s also advised that you ease into your workout routine, starting with maybe two to three sessions of boxing, or something else intense, per week. Starting out with five or seven days like Giselle will be hard and unsustainable for beginners, so easing into it is the way to go to ensure you last and make progress!

Eating For Exercise

Although it might seem counterintuitive, if your goal is to lose weight with high-intensity exercise, you’ll have to eat enough to fuel workouts, build muscle, and stimulate your metabolism. If you don’t eat enough, workouts will be very tough to endure and you’ll end up eating away the muscle you want to retain! To perform the high-intensity exercise you need to be fueled up. Some items that can help you sustain these workouts are oats, sweet potato, brown rice, quinoa, whole grains, and other “complex” carbs. Including plenty of fruits and vegetables, in addition to lean protein sources and lots of water, can all help you get the most from your workout routine.



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