Jasmine Tookes, Elsa Hosk’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Preparation Revealed: Diet, Secret Foods and Workout

Jasmine Tookes
Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff / Getty

Fifty-one genetically blessed beauties will walk in the annual fashion extravaganza, but only VS Model, Jasmine Tookes, will wear the diamond-encrusted $3 million fantasy bra.

Tookes said, “My first year I was panicking, I was working out everyday, freaking out.” Now, the VS Model graces the runway with elegance.

Stunning VS Model, Elsa Hosk, who is also a veteran runway angel, will walk the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Paris. Both VS Angels are excited about the upcoming show.

The excitement in the air is inevitable, with the world’s sexiest fashion extravaganza set to be full of colors, intricately designed lingerie, and a lot style. The spectacle is set to air on Monday, December 5, 2016, at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on CBS, and millions of fans will stay tuned in.

VS Angels, Tookes and Hosk, were committed to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show preparation to stay in flawless shape. They focused on everything from dieting to working out, to make sure that their walk down the celebrated runway was nothing short of perfection.

The veteran models know the importance of workouts, and were reported to be working out ahead of the 2016 VSFS. Hosk said, “we are doing our last workout today and we’re just going to target the glutes and do all the areas that need a little extra love.”

Fans will be drooling and will be over the moon with the stunning VS angels. Are you curious to know how VS Angels, Tookes and Hosk, prepared for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show? Keep reading to find out their workout and diet.

Jasmine Tookes Stays in Shape to Wear $3 million Bright Night’s Fantasy Bra

Tookes has come a long way from walking her first-ever Victoria’s Secret runway to being a veteran VS model today. A few years ago, Tookes used to think, “I’m fine, I don’t have to work out, I have a fast metabolism.” But now, she is disciplined about her workout routine.

The model likes to post her workout updates on social media. For example, look at this workout video on Instagram.

#Repost @j.crvz ・・・ But did you die ??? training with @jastookes ??#womandown #letsgoo @victoriasport

A video posted by Jasmine Tookes (@jastookes) on

To prepare for the VSFS, she tries to focus on multiplicity in her workout regimen. Her workouts include a barre session, Physique 57, light cardio exercises, Pilates, weight training, and some heavy weight lifting.

During weekends, she would work out with VS Models, Josephine Skriver and Romee Strijd. She even created an Instagram account called @JoJa to post workout updates, on Twitter, the hashtag used to post the videos was #JoJa. For example, this tweet on her workout with VS model Josephine Skriver, where the model is doing her glutes workout.

Tookes tweeted, “#JoJa workouts are life”


The model also focuses on her healthy food plan. Typically, she begins her day with a protein shake (consisting of banana, chocolate whey powder, peanut butter, strawberries, and almond milk). She also likes to have the Isopure chocolate whey powder, and have a breakfast consisting of two hard-boiled eggs with spinach. She likes to have food with a lot of carbs and also indulges in her cheat days.

Elsa Hosk Prepares Ahead of VSFS for the Annual Spectacle

Hosk is living a dream, she took to Instagram and recently posted, “WOWW Did I just OPEN the Victoria’s Secret fashion show??????? I’m still thinking I’m going to wake up to realize I just had the best dream of my life… but that was… real…”

The VS model looks stunning, and has focused on preparing for the VS fashion show. She would sign in for workouts with Tookes and Skriver.

Hosk includes boxing in her workout regimen, and is trained by boxing coach, Kwame Davis. She used to also be a professional basketball player, and now she tries to include a mix of barre, Pilates, and exercises for stretching. Her biggest area of focus is working on her glutes.

Even on her birthday, the model did not skip her workouts, and she posted, “When you work out on your bday you might as well make it a dance party with your girls!”

She is seen doing the Bosu ball workout with Martha Hunt and Madison Utendahl.

Hosk believes in eating healthy, and she said, “eating lots of proteins, vegetables, things that will just nourish your body from the inside.” She would probably have a healthy snack of Tzatziki and carrots, as well as a smoothie. The model also believes in juice cleanses without solid food. Her food plan includes organic and natural foods.

A typical breakfast would include eggs and bacon, lunch would be a mozzarella and tomato panini with lentil soup, and dinner would be fried cheese, chicken skewers with rice pilaf, cucumber, feta salad, and potato.

VS Angels are all geared up for the grand spectacle on Monday, and millions of fans will be tuned in. To stay super fit like Jasmine Tookes and Elsa Hosk, try adopting their fitness regimen.


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