Jasmine Tookes Stuns the Ramp in $3 Million Bra: Here’s How the Model Keeps Fit for VS Fantasy Bra 2016

Jasmine Tookes

Opportunity doesn’t knock on the door often but when it does, you must ensure you prepared for it. Jasmine Tookes got the honor to flaunt the $3.0 million Fantasy Bra at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Paris.

The African-American model is trying hard to prove she is worthy of the honor by eating healthy and working out rigorously. She has no chance of compromising on fitness! Read on to know more about the Fantasy Bra and the Angel’s preparations to adorn it.

The Fantasy Bra was designed by Eddie Borgo and perfected by A.W. Mouzannar.  It took over 700 hours to create it. It is studded with 9,000 gemstones, 27,000 Swarovski crystals, and is a total of more than 450 carats!

Jasmine Tookes Preparations for VSFS

Tookes is working out hard to keep in shape. She follows Motivation for Fitness on Instagram which definitely keeps her motivated for the workouts.

Have a look at the video below to take a glimpse of her exhaustive workouts.

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Her workout includes a lot of weight training filled with squats and lunges. Twice a week, she heads to her barre classes for a toned butt.

She had to ensure that she didn’t body shape didn’t change too much as the bra was designed specially for her body.
“I had to do like a Plaster-of-Paris session where I sat in the chair for three hours and I had to stay very still. The lady even told me, ‘Don’t breathe heavy because it will shift around,’” she tells People. She continued, “And after that, they take the molding and they actually built the bra onto my body. So it only fits me!”

Jasmine Tookes Diet for VSFS

When Tookes is training and getting ready for shows, she prefers cooking her own meals rather than eating unhealthy. She grills some chicken and zucchini. The secret to her glowing skin is water; she ensures she drinks plenty of water throughout the day. If she is traveling she snacks on protein bars.

Generally she eats a sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich for breakfast. “I had a breakfast sandwich and a lot of bacon and a green tea,” she says. “I have a pretty balanced diet. I work out very often I do a lot of weight training so I just really amp up my protein intake and I really focus on building my muscles and giving them the right fuel.” For dinner, she has steak and mashed potatoes. She doesn’t believe in early dining to avoid weight gain and eats around 10:00 p.m.

For the repairing of muscles after a rigorous workout, she has a protein rich diet. She eats grilled chicken with vegetables like broccoli and zucchini, and some rice for lunch. She loves to snack on peanut butter and fruits like apples. If she is eating out and wants to eat healthy too, she prefers to have grilled chicken and string beans with soy sauce.

The show will air on CBS on December 5.



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