Jasmine Tookes Workout and Diet: Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra Model Spills the Beans on Her Fitness Motivation

Jasmine Tookes
Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff / Getty

It’s a dream come true for VS Angel, Jasmine Tookes, as she catwalks the celebrated runway sporting the $3.0 million bra on the Victoria’s Secret 2016 Fashion Show in Paris.

Tookes grew up around fashion shoots as her mother is a celebrity fashion stylist. The model is nicknamed Jazzie or Jazz, and she said the name reflects her personality. Tookes credits supermodel, Tyra Banks, as her inspiration to pursue a modeling career. In an interview the model said, “I don’t know how they chose, but I am so honored to have this opportunity, and be able to walk down the runway with this beautiful thing [$3.0 million bra].” It was quite an emotional moment when she FaceTimed her mother on the news of being the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra Model for 2016.

Much thought and work went into the creation of the bra. The model said, “It took, like, 700 hours to create and it has 9,000 gemstones. It was crazy to see that and be able to hold it. And it’s heavy – it weighs more than 450 carats. I’m definitely amping up my workouts to be able to wear it!” She also said, “I think it’s such a milestone for me … ,” and continued, “I think that’s a huge thing, and I am honored to be able to represent that for the brand.”

Tookes knew that she had to amp up her workouts. Staying super fit meant a lot of workouts, and the model worked hard to maintain her fitness levels. How has the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra Model, Jasmine Tookes, worked out? What was her diet plan? Keep reading to find out more about the 25-year-old model’s workout regimen and diet.

Jasmine Tookes Fitness Regimen

The model took to working out ahead of the fashion show. She said, “I am normally very quiet and laid-back, but when I get on the runway, I just want to try to be very powerful and really give it my all.” Tookes was always active and focused on workouts. Growing up she used to be a fast pitch soft ball player.

For the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, she tried something new everyday. She focused on building intensity, and she confesses, “I have worked hard.” She preferred getting up early in the morning and get started on her workout regimen. She said, “If I wait for the evening, it’s not going to happen.”

The model feels working out with friends can be fun. She signed up with VS models, Josephine Skriver and Romee Strijd, for workouts on weekends. She also created an account on Instagram, JoJa, to post their workout updates. For example, this video which is captioned, “Leg and Ab day!”

Leg and Ab day!

A video posted by @joja on

Another video, which the model said, “Here are some moves you can give a try at the gym.”

Fitness experts believe that momentum can lead to consistency and a consistent fitness regimen can result to a super fit body. Tookes definitely knows this, she said, “If I don’t, I lose the momentum and take two to three weeks off.” When she travels she carries a “workout pack” which includes ankle weights. She said, “You can do things in your hotel room. I bring my ankle weights so I can do a few butt workouts.”

The Victoria’s Secret Angels worked out at studios like, Dogpound, Flex Studios, and Aerospace in New York City. Tookes’ workout regimen included a total body workout with exercises focussed on abs and glutes.  Her workout routine included burpees, sit-ups, push-ups, working out with resistance bands, stretching, and dancing. She also includes barre sessions, Physique 57, some light cardio exercises, weight training, heavy weight lifting, and Pilates.

Jasmine Tookes Diet Plan

Tookes believes in working out hard, and she does not shy away from food. She believes in fueling the body with all the essential nutrients and follows a healthy diet plan. Her diet plan includes a lot of carbs and protein. She also has her cheat days, and she prefers hot wings and french fries. The model feels that you should be able to eat what you want, and balance it with working out. She does not like juice diets and said, “I can’t get into the juices. They’re not for me.” She enjoys snacking on protein bars.

Tookes starts off her day with a protein shake. She also likes Isopure chocolate whey powder, and a breakfast which would include two hard-boiled eggs with spinach. For lunch she would have grilled chicken with vegetables, broccoli and zucchini, and rice. Dinner may include mashed potatoes and vegetables.

So, what are the secrets to her amazing skin? Tookes said, “I would say two of my favorite kept secrets are using vitamin E and vitamin C. It’s also important to get a lot of sleep and eat healthy.”

As fans stay tuned in to the spectacular annual fashion extravaganza, Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016, the Angels will take the City of Lights, Paris, by storm. Many fans will anxiously wait for Jasmine Tookes to catwalk the celebrated runway donned in her $3.0 million bra. Fitness enthusiasts who wish to stay in shape can adopt to Tookes’ healthy lifestyle philosophy.



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