Jason Momoa with Wife Lisa Bonet At “Live by Night” Premiere Sports “Aquaman” Body

Game of Thrones' Jason Momoa
Photo Credit: London Entertainment /Splash

Jason Momoa attended the Live by Night premiere with his wife Lisa Bonet in Los Angeles on Monday, January 9, sporting his Aquaman body. The 37-year-old actor and his wife wrapped themselves in long coat and held hands as they posed for photographers. It has been a year since the couple hit the red carpet together.

Jason Momoa is unstoppable! After conquering Westeros in Game of Thrones, he will soon be seen as the King of the Seven Seas in Aquaman, which is scheduled for release on October 5, 2018 in the United States.

How does Momoa manage to have such endless energy and look super fit? Keep reading to find out.

Jason Momoa’s Workout Routine

A requirement for the Aquaman role was a minimum weight gain of 25 pounds of muscle. Momoa told Men’s Fitness, “You put on a lot of weight very quickly – and you also burn a lot of fat. Pick a heavy weight and it will get you shredded and build a lot of muscle.” Momoa’s workouts for Aquaman were extremely intense and exhausting. His chiseled physique is a consequence of weight training and upper body workouts, but not limited to them alone.

Momoa shared a video on his Instagram account where the shirtless actor is seen engaging himself in pull-ups.

The next Instagram upload saw the hunk working out while he traveled to the UK for promotion.

@wfmft @hotlantayoga Front levers Ps. I need a Guinness. Getting ready. Savage mode. Born ALI'I.

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For Aquaman, he targeted specific body parts each day as directed by his personal trainer, Eric Laciste.

Monday’s Workout: He targeted his chest with exercises like flat bench presses, plate push-ups, dips, incline bench presses, and incline dumbbell presses. He did three rounds with one minute of rest between each round.

Tuesday’s Workout: He concentrated on toning his back. His workout included exercises like standard pull-ups, seated pulley rows, barbell reverse grip bent over rows, reverse grip pull-ups, and close grip pull-ups.

Wednesday’s Workout: His routine consisted of body weight squats, body weight jump squats, stiff-legged deadlifts, and rear squats. He did three rounds with one minute of rest in between each round.

Thursday’s Workout:  He worked on his core by doing medicine ball slams, kettlebell swings, burpees, leap frogs, and 40-yard sprints.

Friday’s Workout:  He targeted on toning his arms with exercises like barbell military presses, dumbbell biceps curls, dumbbell triceps extensions, body weight dips, and diamond push-ups.

As if this grueling routine wasn’t enough in itself, Mamoa even hit the treadmill after each workout. He makes the extra effort to be in the best shape possible.

To fuel himself for such rigorous workouts, he needs to have a nutritious diet that is high in proteins. Laciste increased Momoa’s protein intake of chicken and other lean meats and was instructed to eat after every two hours. His diet also consists of a large quantity of veggies and fruits, and he enjoys eating peanut butter to keep him going. He loves to indulge in pasta, however, he moderates his intake.

Jason Momoa’s fans are excited to see him in his upcoming DC Comics film, Aquaman.


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