Jennifer Aniston’s Diet Apparently Influenced By Husband Justin Theroux

Jennifer Aniston
Photo Credit: JENY / Splash News

Jennifer Aniston played the quirky and loveable Rachel Green on Friends, and from there Aniston went on to have a successful movie career, starring alongside some top Hollywood leading men. Over the years she has kept the same trim, fit body… so what’s the Jennifer Aniston diet secret?

Aniston is married to actor Justin Theroux and she credits him with bringing pasta back into her life. One of her favorite dishes that Theroux makes is pasta carbonara (spaghetti in a cream sauce with egg, cheese, and pancetta or bacon), but she doesn’t worry much about the carbs in it because she keeps to a steady diet and exercise routine.

Who knew that Jennifer Aniston’s diet would include pasta in such a rich sauce? It shows that in some ways, she’s a regular person who loves a delicious meal, but also knows that including yoga and cardio into her routine will offset any weight issues the pasta might bring on. And the truth is, she likely doesn’t eat it every day, which is something else to consider.

For an A-level celebrity, Aniston seems pretty down-to-earth when it comes to diet, workout, and beauty. She likes to spend time with her dogs and have a meal with her husband at night, and then wind down by following a set skin care routine that she’s been doing for years. She finds the act of getting ready for bed in itself calming.

She also finds the time each day to squeeze in two 10-minute meditation sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, as a way of staying centered and focused. It seems she prefers 20-minute sessions, but she’s so busy she’ll take what she can get.

It seems we could all steal a tip or two from Jennifer Aniston’s diet and the ways in which she manages her well-being—especially the pasta carbonara part.

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