Jennifer Garner Post Workout Diet: Fitness Tips and Balanced Meals

Jennifer Garner
Photo Credit: Splash News

Jennifer Garner looked to be enjoying her froyo after a workout when she stepped out in California. And why shouldn’t Garner be enjoying a froyo? Sure it may not be on most people’s post-workout diet plans, but the actress is looking good—so a little treat won’t hurt anyone!

What kind of fitness routine does Garner follow to stay in such great shape? Here are some fitness and diet tips that help Garner look her best. You can include some of these tips into your own fitness schedule to try and achieve the Garner look.

Jennifer Garner Fitness Tips and Diet Plan

The mother of three maintains her athletic build by sticking to balanced meals that keep her well-nourished. Unlike many other celebrities, Garner reportedly enjoys cooking and preparing healthy meals for her family.

Additionally, Garner steers clear of processed foods. When preparing for particular movie roles, Garner has been known to strictly count calories. Garner reportedly tries to avoid roles that can cause her diet to take priority over other things in her life.

Garner adheres to portion-controlled meals and incorporates foods like apples, strawberries, yogurt, egg whites, steamed vegetables, grilled salmon, almond butter, and other nutritious foods into her diet plan. Still, Garner enjoys sweets (on occasion) and doesn’t allow that sweet tooth of hers to take control over her healthy eating.

As for her fitness routine, Garner has been faithfully working alongside personal trainer Valerie Waters for 15 years. Waters puts Garner through quick workouts that help increase lean muscle.

Garner’s workout routine consists of hitting the gym five times a week. She enjoys yoga, Pilates, cardio-centric exercises, and strength training exercises. Garner also enjoys completing some workouts at home so she can be with her children while instilling healthy exercise habits in them as well.

So, you want to look like Jennifer Garner? Then follow what I dub the ‘Jennifer Garner fitness routine and diet plan’. Just remember that your fitness routine should be varied and your diet plan well-balanced; you should be able to start seeing some real results.

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